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This post is simply a quick link search repository for the YouTube channel "Office Hours".

You can find YouTube clips for any questions discussed on Office Hours, starting May 25th 2020 to the present.  ⌘f null  in your browser and type in the word or phrase to look up. Once there, click on the time code for that word and you will be redirected to the specific question and answer given on that day. The Office Hours panel is made up of a variety of experts, around the world, in various fields that relate to production, equipment, steaming, shooting and hosting in the AV field.
Questions like; What is camera shading?
What is the best and cheapest mic?
Do I need a MixPre to fix my Audio Delay?
What is an AWS LINK Elemental?

The panel also address many questions that teachers are now dealing with with remote education.


Focus on Automating ATEM with Qlab 10/03/20

Office Hours for Oct 5, 2020 - Office Hours 195


00:00 Intro

3:21 Streaming to Vimeo ATEM mini pro (premium plan)

9:32 iPhone into ATEM mini with missing sound

10:25 Differences between Zoom Room and Meetings when being used point-to-point?

12:55 Sound going ATEM MINI in Zoom meeting, sound is extremely low for those in meeting any suggestions?

14:48 Screen is green when using NDI

16:20 Recommended vendor for patch panel connectors

20:53 Has anyone set up Izotope's Insight 2 for doing mic levels? Does it work as well as WLM?

24:35 Anyone using the 2see usb webcam? How do the 4 microphones work? 

29:12 Audio chains with people coming in on separate machines

38:07 Livestreaming Sunday Mass, one week to the other my audio delay changes. Sometimes it's as much as 1400 msec.

41:00 Can ATEM mini do multiple video input overlays on top of the main video input? 

41:56 Zoom streams video at 640x360, if some one with Zoom Rooms enter, does it increase your stream resolution to 1080P?

47:06 Mokose cameras - Any reports of the bit rate in HD and 4K, and is there a flat profile?

48:32 Has anyone experimented with using NGINX as a recorder for the Atem mini Pro?

49:12 What is the best way to bring another church in existing church zoom?

54:30 For Alex's talkbacks, how are you routing the matrix outputs to individual zoom panelists?

55:04 Has anyone tested on-prem Zoom servers? 

55:35 @Grant Did you need an additional account that takes gallery audio back into the breakout room for participant questions?

56:40 Has anyone tested or deployed the new breakout rooms in WebEx?

57:28 Define "Screen Scrape"

58:58 Alex should look at BubbleBee's lav Mounting accessories

59:17 Talk more about the input and output routing possibilities using Sound Devices units

1:00:00 Run ATEM with QLab


Focus on Education 10/03/20

Office Hours for Oct 3, 2020 - Office Hours 193


00:00 Intro

2:03 What is the deal with Input 1 on the ATEM

5:19 Using Companion for ATEM Mini Pro. How do I add functions (i.e?), HotKeys on a second computer? 

6:30 Trying to produce shows using zoom what would be a good piece of gear or software to be able to bring in graphics and roll?

11:28 USB interface with separate mixer, or USB mixer?

12:12 Zoom cloud recordings, what does "AVO" and "GVO" mean? 

13:39 Remote outdoor site with only city WiFi and cell phone LTE available. Which would you pick?

18:17 Zoom Sharing Content 2nd Camera with "Optimize Share for Video Clip" gives you consistent 1080p/30fps on business accounts?

27:49 Blackmagic CC 6k, what is the battery life and does the 6k work well in low-light?

35:47 Common pain points of popular graphics playout systems?

40:04 Good Zoom alternative if Zoom goes down

44:43 I've been filming hummingbirds at 240fps my iPhone, using Filmic Pro and Filmic Remote. Is there a Multicam shoot app? 

46:13 What do folks recommend for ND Filters for shooing in 4K wide open f /1.4 or f/2.8

50:03 Thoughts on ATEM mini to BlueJeans? 

50:42 OpenDNS or Cloudflare? 

51:25 Anyone use Showflow studio

52:50 Zoom seems to really be avoiding GPU on the Mac and hammering CPU Why? 

55:10 Ecamm interview Beta feature?

55:42 Logitech Brio - What to do to tweak? 

59:59 Focus on Education


Focus on Education 10/02/20

Office Hours for Oct 2, 2020 - Office Hours 192


00:00 Intro

2:00 Deconstructing the Microsoft Surface Event Video

12:44 Trusted "go-to" external SSD that is recommended for anything use with the ATEM mini pro to the Pocket 4k/6k to the Atomos Ninja V?

18:06 Is there a reason technical OR political that the next presidential debate could not be done virtually?

19:45 Has anyone ever made a ticker with live text/data feed scrolling across the bottom?

21:50 ISO (in search of) an inexpensive DANTE enabled Talkback microphone for musicians

26:02 Zoom randomly stopped receiving audio my chain. 

33:28 Comments on process the Mandalorian Documentary

43:39 Will Alex’s “Office Pod” be technically indistinguishable his “Home Pod” eventually?

44:28 Warm white or cool white.  What do you recommend?

46:37 Are you guys hearing yourselves through your buds or cans, or just the feed, mix minus style?

47:55 Has anyone seen "Summit events" interactive Virtual Conference software app?

51:41 What is Alex using to keep his two T5 SSD's synced to each other or to same Master Source?

53:51 MixPre II, anyone experienced USB connection issues?

55:15 Share FOH large screen prompter setups previous jobs? (Confidence monitors)

57:27 Timecode into a BMPCC 6K mic input my MixPre-10 II using BNC Timecode out with issues.

59:40 What do you think are the things that conference centers can do now to change their business model?

1:03:00 What niche should a small operation (crew of two) stake out in this new micro-broadcasting era?

1:04:14 Document for the Discord with the list of his suggested “film class” movies and the recommended content?

1:04:50 Focus on Education


Sound Summit Watch Party 10/01/20

Today, we're doing a Watch Party of the Sound Devices Sound Summit.

Office Hours for Oct 1, 2020 - Office Hours 191


00:00 Intro

4:30 Duration of views being more important than number of viewers, what metrics, if any, are available on Zoom?

8:45 If you were going to build out a studio scratch today what path would you take?

26:00 Has anyone on the panel used the new GoPro Hero 9 yet?

27:19 what was the inexpensive lighting that Rosco Jones talked about yesterday?

29:00 Inexpensive long throw lens for a 75' to 95' foot throw.

37:15 "Follow feature" in FCPX. Can you tell us how this works?

39:06 Sync issues with Hasmukh video

46:20 Can Kev lead a discussion of the Google event and the new products

52:23 What shots get jump cuts, and what gets mix?

56:15 More on Zoom metrics

57:00 Recommended workflow for streaming an event in multiple languages?

1:00:00 More questions, then Watch party


Focus on Q&A 9/30/20

Office Hours for Sept 30, 2020 - Office Hours 190


00:00 Intro

3:22 Laura Seal made a great Office Hours promo video. It's on Discord

5:30 How is Blackmagic Design's support? If a switcher breaks today with a show tomorrow do they have advance replacement?

16:00 Anyone used a Shadow cloud VM ( to run vMix? 

17:15 Brio won't focus well

19:05 Turning Original Sound on and off in Zoom: is that simply turning Zoom's echo cancellation on and off, or is it doing more?

21:04 The Zoom out of time message last night

23:46 Pyle-Pro PMHMS20. What am I plugging in the mini XLR plug in order to use it with a Macbook Pro 16"?

25:40 Which portal devices support the zoom room?

28:35 Anyone use the openGear products and can share experiences?

35:48 I thought the API key for captioning was specifically for I thought this was for automatic captions, no?

37:00 Audio and video solutions (USB) for large rooms with desks and chairs that can be moved around?

42:53 I am not able to see my MacBook on the atem mini pro connected the usb-c to usb any suggestions?

47:50 Audio issues with Mix Pre II to Zoom using AUX channels to guests.

49:45 Can anyone identify the microphones used by the Sports Broadcasters in the Apple TV+ show  Ted Lasso?

53:21 Best lav mic for iPhone under $100?

56:29 Recommendation on inexpensive one side ear pieces to go along with a Polsen BCPM-1 In-Ear Monitor Amplifier

58:48 What resolution and fps do the panel see for their upstream Zoom?

1:00:00 More Q&A


Focus on Education 9/29/20

Office Hours for Sept 28, 2020 - Office Hours 189


00:00 Intro

00:18 Online music lessons over Zoom using multiple mics. Student end sound not great.

4:44 In Zoom, does 'High Fidelty Music Mode' also devote more bandwidth to audio when screen sharing?

7:50 What is the application that is behind Mukana?

8:52 Make/Model and link for Stewart's new light?

11:30 Live production today and need to send hosts to Zoom and feed the guest audio back (no in-ear monitor). What's the best way to route audio for Zoom?

18:25 Yesterday during the Zoom 1080p discussion Chris Fenwick was going to "expand" on the discussion but then decided to move on. I'm curious where he was going with that discussion?

22:38 Guy Cochran: Did you ever find anyone to run your 3D Printed ATEM Mini Stands? 

27:33 What does ATEM stand for

28:49 Use an IEM to hear myself as well as other participants in a zoom meeting when the camera and microphone run through an ATEM mini?

33:20 On board battery light for camera with budget

38:40 Preferred vendor for stable and reliable memory cards?

43:20 Settings to improve the audio in the Zoom desktop version also available on a mobile device?

44:44 Jason: Have you tested the Mokose camera?

49:14 Can Guy Cochran and John Ittelson talk about their portal applications?

55:00 More questions for second hour. 


Focus on Education 9/28/20

Office Hours for Sept 28, 2020 - Office Hours 188


0:00:00 - Intro

0:02:49 - Second hour on sports graphics? And How to

0:04:38 - Lower thirds and bugs & overlays

0:06:00 - Tangent - Chris wants a second hour Discussion on converting client PDFs to a usable format

0:12:17 - Video mixers with HDMI and USB that work with Logitech cameras - YoloBox

0:17:06 - A good example of using vmix in the cloud

0:20:15 - How to get Facebook portal audio into Zoom

0:28:58 - How to get a sharp screen share in Zoom

0:33:41 - Play out be software on raspberry pie to emulate hyper deck mini emulator

0:36:34 - Discussion on good morning America about the audio and video sync issues

0:42:19 - What is Qlab

0:49:20 - Has anyone d BlackMagic ATM software 8.5

0:50:18 - Has anyone d there iPad to IOS 14 for iPad

0:51:16 - Vmix versus Vstream in the cloud

0:54:15 - Is Vmix good for recording presentations and adding lower thirds

0:56:00 - Allowing Vmix call through corporate VPN

0:57:38 - Radio man software S.48

1:02:10 - Pop-up Wi-Fi - what is it

1:04:02 - Zoom issue with car Bluetooth

1:08:41 - AJA bridge live

1:11:43 - Using Zoom with Mac and a PC - Why?

1:15:18 - How to create a chapter based playlist for an audio file

1:18:28 - Best private lifestream - AWS or Vimeo premium?

1:26:39 - Newman Microsoft team features – good or bad?

1:28:18 - Any data on the autonomous delivery box don’t reached destination

1:29:09 - Chris off-topic ? - discuss Jason as expert witness

1:30:00 - AudioBox personas sound Interface issue with Zoom

1:34:06 - Panelist how do you control the cables on your desk?

1:40:47 - Using Qlab - Best HDMI camera into ATEM

1:47:39 - Zoom video quality


Focus on Education 9/25/20

Office Hours for Sept 25, 2020 - Office Hours 185


00:00 Intro

3:20 Suggestions on a decent USB desktop microphone under $100

10:49 What is the best and easiest FREE video editing software available on Mac and on Windows, separately?

19:25 I'm looking for a complete wireless system for both mic and IEM's. Recommendations?

28:23 How many panelists that are using ATEMs, are also using software like OBS, mimolive etc...?

29:40 Recommendations for a budget overhead HDMI cam? 

35:00 What is a Windows OS equivalent to MacOS QuickTime for simple recording of webcam/mic for presenter to check themselves?

38:07 USB-A adapter to plug in 3.5mm analog headphone/earbuds with built-in microphone - I think you call that TRRS? Needs to work on Windows and Mac

41:15 What is this “story boarding” thing?

46:39 Good final cut pro tutorials?

52:25 BMD Hyperdeck Studio Mini: how do set to single playback mode?

57:12 What recommendations exist for in-ear monitors? 

1:03:00 Focus on Education


Focus on Q&A 9/24/20

Office Hours for Sept 24, 2020 - Office Hours 184


00:00 Intro

4:38 Ideal audio and video "chain" for zoom meetings, what would it be and how would it be better than what you have now?

10:45 Now that the group has fully vetted the Pyle headset mic, is it still considered the best bang for the buck? 

19:18 Ideal connectors for output of a mixer into 1/8" mic jack on the ATEM Mini Pro?

25:42 Is there any difference in the way Zoom Meetings and Webinars manage outgoing streams?

31:28 Using Mimolive: display 6 world clocks on the same screen during breaks

37:45 Will VR only be used for virtual tours (real estate) for the most part or will cinematic VR thrive?

44:22 What would you say is the most important skill to learn about the new way of doing business in our new online meeting world?

50:26 Now that the single ear Pyle are sold out, what is the best solution?

52:37 working on a bunch of clips where the talent has been shot in shadow and a sunlit day behind. Ways to fix?

56:36 What are some good tools for photogrammetry to scan a whole room with the least amount of cleanup afterwards? 

59:07 Using the Pyle mic with the Sabrent USB adapter I find I'm not getting enough level...I'd like more headroom. Is the Techrise a better option? 

1:00:00 More Q&A


** SECOND HOUR ** Certain 2nd hour events will be available on YouTube. You definitely want to be on the Zoom Webinar to be sure you can watch these experts talk. 


Focus on Office Hours 9/23/2020

Office Hours for Sept 23, 2020 - Office Hours 183


00:00 Intro

3:00 Tribute to Mike Andrews

9:03 MixPre-3 II input frequency within the "Audio MIDI Setup" app: should it be 44.1 or 48 kHz for Zoom?

11:35 ATEM Mini for switching on iPad

14:19 What has changed in desktop Mukana with Improved video option?

15:13 When moving over to screen share on Zoom, what's the best way to make the transition cleaner?

21:00 Alex shows how to create a countdown clock in Motion

46:15 What are the most common uses for a Stream Deck other than with the ATEM?

48:57 Might it also be possible to produce a “best of” reel of Mike quotes?

49:35 Does the ATEM Media Pool (TVS Pro 4k) support short video clips, or just stills? Max duration? With sound?

50:25 A good web directory of global and local streaming events that has daily s?

54:13 What is the workaround for sizing the iPad output to HDMI so it fits 16:9 on my ATEM mini

57:30 Ned a demo an ATEM power use of what a lot of these buttons do?

58:40 With the new Azure Communication SDK. Would you use that for bringing in People Remotly ?

1:03:30 More questions for hour 2


Focus on Education Saturdays 9/18/20

Office Hours for Sept 19, 2020 - Office Hours 179


00:00 Intro

3:57 Perils of neon in a video

5:42 Why did Alex switch DPA 4066 to the Countryman H6

8:37 Remote Attendees Kits being sent to Emmy participants 

15:50 High Fidelity music mode in Zoom

20:00 LiveU vs. Teradek Link Pro

25:50 Beta 87a, AT 4040, Rode NTG2, which might be best for recording a grand piano? 

35:53 iMovie or Lumafusion for my iPhone? 

37:44 Great way to test audio for Zoom meetings

39:45 Isopropyl alcohol in a spray bottle safe for cleaning microphones between each use for multiple singers? 

40:53 Atmos sounds amazing on the iPad Pro. Is there a good Atmos system for use with a laptop computer?

44:53 Good Polling questions

47:05 Weather Channel often places a reporter standing in 80 mph winds, but we hear almost nothing of the storm. How are they doing this?

49:30 Thoughts on the Zoom U-22. U24, U44 mini sized mixers versus the Zoom H6?

50:07 Suggestions for mic/audio online rental houses for testing equipment

51:30 Headset/lav mic would you you recommend to plug directly into the ATEM Mini Pro

53:26 Turning a coffee table book into a video with sound and music? 

59:00 Does anyone use Beta87A for other than vocals

59:29 Good USB Hub

1:00:05 Apps to edit Atmos Sound

1:01:30 Alternatives to the Nanlite MixPanel 60

1:03:09 Focus on Education


Focus on Luma-Touch LumaFusion 9/17/20

Office Hours for Sept 17, 2020 - Office Hours 177

Lumafusion (@Luma Touch ) is an iPad video editing app. Today, we have Terri Morgan show us the app, and best ways to use it, along with answering questions as always. 

Get LumaFusion:

00:00 Intro

3:22 Anyone use Touch Portal?

4:50 Zoom to Facebook connection issue, saying 2 streams occuring

14:06 Has anybody figure out how you can consistently join multiple times with the same Zoom account? 

14:46 Question on 2nd hours

15:50 Explain like I'm 5: Camcorder color/exposure settings: White Balance; Color Temperature; Shading; etc.

22:40 Any options for free basic alternative to QLab?

24:30 Recommendations for long HDMI (~100'). Camcorder to ATEM Mini. Reliability is important (but inexpensive is nice). One directional is fine.

26:50 Recommended resource for learning the Zoom Room interface?

32:49 Streaming to more than one service, would it be better stream here, or use

36:03 Explain like I'm fifty: Camcorder color/exposure settings: White Balance; Color Temperature; Shading; etc.

39:24 GoPro 9

41:56 How was Office Hours started? 

52:40 Take on Triller

54:10 Switcher Studio thoughts

55:25 Tripod for GoPro for Time lapse

57:55 What happened on Tuesday with no YouTube

58:40 Terri Morgan and LumaFusion


Focus on Rick Sammon on All Things Photography

Office Hours for Sept 16, 2020 - Office Hours 176

Read more about Rick’s books here:

Rick is also the founder of the Photo Therapy Facebook Group, a place where photographers can share their work and learn others:

Visit with Rick at

00:00 Intro

3:27 What is a good microphone for 100.00

7:10 Opinions on Apple announcement (production of the event)

12:00 Recommended software for editing Zoom software

13:22 Live streaming classical concerts

18:20 How would you push an external live stream into a Zoom Meeting? IE watch party

31:05 Establishing or promoting meeting etiquette

32:50 Apple anticipation

36:25 Like to know more about the green room process getting guests ready to go live.

37:52 Looking to purchase an outdoor PTZ camera for High School Sports coverage. Considering the BirdDog Eyes A200

40:00 Can someone explain Network Service Order Mac and PC?

42:42 Is there an OH link to share with an educator?

43:01 How many folks on the panel are running macOS Catalina, any major issues?

46:18 When would you not use POE power? Or are POE injectors a good solution in most situations? 

48:05 What is the best way, either wired or wireless, to connect the internet to another building 200 feet away?

53:20 The XAir 18 is able to deal with latency. Anyone know how to do that?

54:09 Can anyone share their experience with Open Sound Control (OSC)?

54:35 Has anyone here heard of, or used JackTrip?

1:00:34 Rick Sammon on Photography


Focus on Upcoming Second Hour Topics 9/14/20

Office Hours for Sept 14, 2020 - Office Hours 174


00:00 Intro

3:17 Thoughts of NVIDIA buying ARM - Are we going to see Macs with NVIDIA graphics inside?

4:58 Interviewed on Instagram - any way to use something other than my phone? Yellow Duck? Bluestacks did not work.

9:00 Can you share more use cases with FiLMic pro?

10:45 Streaming to Facebook causes Internet speed to reduce to under 2 MBps (in Australia).

14:15 Can we record the soundcheck?

15:06 What is a MixPre and why do I need it with an ATEM mini?

16:55 What software would you recommend to find and remove duplicate files on a Mac?

18:15 Short tutorial on the basics of video switching on an ATEM (TVS Pro 4k).

23:52 HDMI splitter for adding monitoring to an HDMI KVM switcher

25:50 Reasonably priced shotgun mic mostly for recording voice 15 to 20 feet.

27:52 Microphones outside, do foam covers or a deadcat (windjammer) work better for wind suppression?

30:17 Is there a way to get ATEM Mini Pro to keep media between power cycles?

30:56 Does anyone on the panel use PremierPro on the Mac? Why do you use it rather than FinalCut?

33:04 Main differences between PCIe GPU and a dedicated hardware encoder (Elemental)? When would you choose one or the other?

37:18 Options for Internet access to live stream in the field where hard line are not available (under $1k)?

43:49 ReStream vs StreamYard?

46:32 Symmetrix voice processor. What does the voice symmetry button do?

48:30 Text streaming causes more CPU usage over image graphics

52:04 What are Sky and Alex using for their background?

53:26 Does anyone have any experience with "Evenium" online platform for polling and Q&A?

54:49 Do clients request a written transcription of the audio? What software/hardware do you use?

1:00:50 Version of MiMo Live are you using

1:01:20 How are you using a teleprompter?

1:02:33 Using a overlay slide to bring in a presenter

1:03:55 NFL noise pumped into stadiums thoughts?

1:22:30 Second Hour - What's working, what's not? 


Saturday Focus on Education 9-12-20

Office Hours for Sept 12, 2020 - Office Hours 172


00:00 Intro

2:53 Experience with OpenReel

7:03 What happened to Alex' Bane mask?

9:41 Once in awhile I get a message Zoom that my internet is unstable. Is that maybe because I am using WiFi?

15:02 Has anyone used a Sanken CS-M1 4" Compact Shotgun Microphone? sound quality?

16:40 Statistics for connections in Zoom rooms

18:39 When someone in a Zoom meeting has a poor connection, sometimes a host will have everyone turn off their camera. Is this a solution?

21:07  Does the panel think Plural Eyes is worth the cost? What are the alternatives?

23:26 Managing Mukana experience with Zoom and Discord

25:27 Zoom ID bug where Meeting ID is invalid

27:37 For Office Hours, should I be getting better quality on YouTube than I am as an attendee in Zoom?

28:55 Alex' Twitch experiment

35:25 Izotope Ozone 9 Advanced vs Fabfilter Total Bundle

37:40 Ethernet cable for Zoom?

43:00 Descript can edit an audio file by changing text in a transctipt. Are there automatic editing programs that you would recommend? 

44:30 Capture card would the group recommend for connecting a DSLR and/or mirrorless camera for streaming?

46:30 Correct wide angle distortion (Fisheye) with the VDO360? I'm tired of seeing my head look like it's inflated. 

48:15 Rolls MS112 XLR Switch doesn't seem to accept phantom power. The manual seems to be a bit vague on if it supports it. Is my unit defective?

49:28 Suggestions on a good Grip/AC belt to easily carry tools with a low profile closure that doesn’t dig in as much? 

51:00 The new Office Hours discord link opens a valid version of discord. Does a link a past day open a valid version of Discord?

53:20 Have you found any sub $1k lens for Blackmagic 6K that's (pleasantly) surprised you at that price point?

56:30 Mukana: Has the number of characters available for Recent Qs changed again? 

1:01:15 Mukana: Unlock questions in chat?

1:02:17 Focus on Education for Saturday


Focus on Education 9-11-20

Office Hours for Sept 11, 2020 - Office Hours 171


00:00 Intro

3:53 My client wants to live stream to Multiple channels at the same time. What is possible

15:55 Recommend an audio spectrum meter that will work in Audio Hijack?

18:35 Random audio freeze during screen share

21:03 I'd like to run my Rode PodMic directly into the ATEM but I can't figure out what cable should be used.

23:11 Bring in 2 to 3 roving cameras (and audio) via NDI, tethered via SDI or Ethernet cables (might be up to 300 ft), or other?

29:18 Re-purposing landscape video into vertical

31:06 Setting up a audio kit with Blue Cat Plugin script

33:00 Is there a service that lets me see comments YouTube, Facebook at the same time

36:04 Cheaper 4K video cameras

39:11 Wireless camera for piping into Zoom running on iPhone/iPad?

42:25 Thoughts on the news that Facebook is getting stricter with restrictions and bans on music live streams October.

49:23 Using WiFi 6 and 6e in production

51:15 Opening Zoom using terminal "open -n"?

52:14 Low cost webcam alternative if using FiLMic Pro with HDMI out

53:40 iPad apps for ATEM mini

54:35 2:1 vs 16:9

57:40 Review Zoom features

59:00 Mixer with ATEM mini

1:00:45 Muting the mic options

1:01:23 Old iPhone model will work as a camera

1:01:55 What do you say to a client when they say they want an A+ event in Zoom?

1:03:08 Cheaper Elgato multi-mount with extension 

1:05:00 Focus on Education


Focus on Peter Himmelman 9/10/20

Office Hours for Sept 10, 2020 - Office Hours 170


Peter Himmelman joins us for the second hour to talk production and play some music Check out Peter's music here:

00:00 Intro

3:25 Strategies for recording Zoom Breakout Rooms?

8:26 When using ATEM for lower thirds, would it be better to use LUMA key or Chroma?

15:20 Best Happy (Social) hour platform

19:42 BMPCC 6k that outputs letterbox 17:9 to my ATEM Mini. Is it possible to remove the bars my input?

21:00 Platform to "Watch Party"

23:55 I bought the Wave Audio content creators kit, any recommendations on what to get for my free plugins?

24:50 Chris Fenwick share how he made his SL\CE Bug

27:40 Can Mickey talk through how he did the side by side double spotlight?

32:27 Setting up a remote studio to studio connection. SRT? I am using vMIX

34:42 What is the source of USB audio issues?

36:55 Where should I place my DSLR camera on iMac for proper eye alignment?

39:35 Does anyone know if there is still any software out there for dvd authoring?

40:58 Looking for suggestion to turn me external mic on and off for Zoom

42:43 Is there a correctly Closed Caption & encoded MP4 file I could refer to?

47:15 Recommend a basic video editor for students that runs on Amdroid phones?

48:12 Running apps in VM, how to do you handle the licensing of the Windows guest OS?

48:44 Mukana question

50:02 Experience with Millicast

51:33 Playback interactive DVD ISO files on tablet/phone solution?

52:10 Are you using a phone with the new Filmic Clean Out

52:33 Video playback via Zoom screen sharing function, is there a preferred video format?

53:54 Thoughts on moving NAB to October

54:45 Has anyone used the AUKEY FHD 1080p Webcam?

55:00 Which camera would you recommend getting for better video to match iPhone 11?

58:00 Peter Himmelman


Focus on FiLMiC Pro with Eliot Fitzroy

Office Hours for Sept 9, 2020 - Office Hours 169 


00:00 Intro

3:19 Hasmukh talks about a town meeting he did

4:50 Alex talks about his experience as an attendee of Office Hours

6:24 Final cut Pro X documentary, is this like iMovie Pro like they said?

18:15 Mickey's Audio Hijack chain change

22:33 Why doesn't the computer camera not be able to control a webcam? 

26:40 A video playlist + countdown technique that holds frame 1 as preview into a Zoom webinar

29:11 Which devices support Zoom 5.2.2?  

31:08 Organizing YouTube channel: Brand account vs. personal, playlists, and more

37:56 Where did Mickey get his plugins

38:44 Grainy and low guality a Sony a5100 to ATEM Mini

40:52 How to unplug a headset microphone when in a Zoom call

44:35 Can a Mac mini be used with older version of Davinci Resolve

45:45 Using a software solution for event video production 

51:15 Telephone options removed in 5.2.3?

52:13 Anyone use an Ultrawide monitor?

53:08 What are viewer/listener counts in Zoom, Mukana

53:45 Is Zoom gallery limited to 25 per screen with 

54:26 Recommmendataions for a church livestream setup (BMDCC 4k with 100mm lens)

55:36 Followup on YouTube 

56:24 Clear Cache button or feature in Zoom

57:40 Hasmukh thanks the community of Office Hour  

59:59 Eliot Fitzroy on FiLMiC


Focus on Audio 9/08/20

Office Hours for Sept 9, 2020 - Office Hours 168


00:00 Intro

4:00 Setting up for a home office. What to keep in mind for audio/video with podcast

9:26 What should audio meters show when a mic is open and no talking

14:44 Pyle on Shure wireless, recommendations on TA4F to XLR adapter

18:05 Panel opinion on IBC live feed

30:43 Video causing oversaturation of red in vMix

35:20 What on-camera menu settings for ATEM, BMDCC6K for Zoom calls

40:00 Checking in on a student through the computer

44:29 Audio / lyrics overlay for a church cast

52:50 What caused Mickey's MixPre to fail? 

54:39 What video resolution does Microsoft Teams deliver?

56:49 Thoughts on uses for CineForm

1:05:00 Audio questions


Focus on More Coffee Videos 9/7/20

Office Hours for Sept 7, 2020 - Office Hours 167


00:00 Intro

1:55 24-27 inch monitor for photo editing

7:43 Victor - How did QLab switching go. 

10:45 How to connect to Zoom rooms automatically

12:25 App for iPhone or iPad as webcam for PC

14:02 Format in BMCC 6K RAW or Pro-Res?

18:54 NVidia cleanup 

19:30 iPad to ATEM

23:58 Why do you change your audio chain?

27:46 How to enter in Chapter indexing

28:45 Excess of earbuds exacerbate effects of Tinnitus

34:39 Logitech capture software for 2 cameras

35:25 Adding images media pool into ATEM. Should I use Keynote for a forward option? 

36:35 App to clean up output of iPad to HDMI

37:20 Display profile do you use for best color correction

39:03 Way to add an iPad into the ATEM to add a meter to adjust participants sound

39:41 Coffee Videos


Focus on Final Cut Pro s, Coffee Video Challenge 9/5/20

Office Hours for Sept 5, 2020 - Office Hours 165


00:00 Intro

4:39 Zoom second stream option bandwidth happen locally, or at Zoom server?

6:13 Monitoring audio multiview monitor? 

8:30 Podcast publishing programs do you like?

12:44 Hymm music into service

17:06 How is WLM setup and chain into streaming software

20:04 Green room solution for an event

26:04 Will Zoom recording locally have more consistant material?

35:42 Can a wireless pack be reversed to send audio to headphones? 

41:40 App to watch the camera feed. What brands are out there? 

43:44 Zoom splitting to make a video wall. 

46:30 Will several logitech Brio into USB hub work? 

48:50 Issues with Wirecast 14

50:35 WebRTC and external switchers overcoming issues on device choice in Chrome, Firefox

59:23 Book or chart with keyboard shortcuts

59:42 New Zoom feature thoughts

1:00:59 How many techs needed for Zoom breakout rooms

1:02:10 Quicktime screen recorder with audio in Mac

1:07:50 Monitoring recording audio feed during an event in another room

1:08:00 Coffee Video Film Festival

1:59:59 Focus on Education

2:59:59 Final Cut Pro s


Focus on Education 9/4/20

Office Hours for Sept 4, 2020 - Office Hours 164


00:00 Intro

3:53 What does ISO mean?

7:31 Real Names vs. Anonymous

15:10 Bandwidth caps, can you downgrade video in Zoom? 

18:37 iPad Pro mount 

22:12 What Zoom package you need for Zoom Rooms?

25:00 Need setup for a 15'x15' conference room

33:47 Differences in audio/video quality of Zoom SDK vs. Zoom client

34:16 Record slides and self at same time

36:04 Anti-glare or non-reflective material for large flat screens?

38:01 Which iZotope filters are good for mixing interviews for TV

38:46 Tripod solution for adjustable desk

42:20 Alex and Leo lived in Sonoma, can you talk about it? 

44:20 Good options for recording music on iPhone

47:37 PlutoTV as a streaming media alternative?

51:47 Configuration of Countryman microphones

53:55 What prep do I need for being on Microsoft Teams

56:12 Power surge recommendations

58:52 Mukana video not there

1:00:00 Focus on Education


Focus on the Panel: The Official Introductions to the Office Hours Panel 9/3/20

Office Hours for Sept 3, 2020 - Office Hours 163


00:00 Intro

3:53 Which is your preferred software - vMix or OBS?

11:28 What teleprompt software for iPhone/iPad that is voice actuated?

19:08 Does Livestream to/ China require 2 separate systems?

25:42 Teleprompter 2nd hour

26:08 Preferred size of a Multiview monitor/program feed for crew

29:05 Mukana question - need a host-accepted answers

29:40 Special way to package equipment kits to remote interviewees

32:40 Comments on StreamYard

36:10 Teardown of Telestrator

36:58 Do Canon Cameras work in Zoom

39:13 Obscuring names - Final Cut Pro Blur, or other options?

42:00 Prompter refraction capture performance

45:39 Countryman mic link

46:12 Do you need 48kHz to use the Zoom 48kHz

46:51 Brother P-Touch label printer over Bluetooth question

48:55 Microsoft Teams and Skype stopped working with Virtual camera

50:22 What's the use of an EDID manager like Dr. HDMI?

52:10 Shading of a BMPCC 4k or 6K work if Pro is being used without a computer

53:14 Arrange the monitor to keep the screen in view while eyes look into the camera

54:40 Barry's Sync problem fixes in ATEM mini

58:13 Experience capturing with the Insta360 go camera

1:00:00 The Panelist Profiles


Focus on Cinematic Camera Builds with Chris Summers 9/02/20

Office Hours for Sept 2, 2020 - Office Hours 162


00:00 Intro

4:23 Bleeping over sound reduction

9:27 NVIDIA Event thoughts

15:06 Camcorder stabilizers

17:28 Anyone using Google Meet and have microphone drop out? 

23:55 Stability of SwitchResX

26:45 Bring an iPad screen into an ATEM

28:06 Is pinning now fixed?

33:04 Why choose Cloud Production

36:27 How do you secure your connections for events

38:35 Did Zoom let you lock panelists in place

41:03 Cheap teleprompter for under 100

43:35 Suggestions for tutorials when talent is reading off a teleprompter

46:28 Microphone recommendations for field recording with a MixPre

47:50 Where do the electric mics get the power?

48:25 What does "We edited it in the camera" mean

49:30 Recommendations for one-ear overhead headphones

49:51 Any videotelephony looking to come forward and beat out Zoom? 

50:55 Experience with

52:23 Virtual concert - how would you set it up

53:55 Avoid reflected light chromakey

54:52 How will color grading industry be affected by the work home life

56:16 Zoom breeakout rooms question

57:27 Ambient mics for IEM

58:30 iPhone 11 to ATEM mini pro

59:05 Are teachers and schools ready to control bad actors in Zoom classrooms

1:01:22 Chris Summers on Cinema Rigs


Focus on Sound Editing with Mike Moeding 9/1/20

Office Hours for Sept 1, 2020 - Office Hours 161


00:00 Intro

4:06 Thoughts on new Zoom options 5.2.2

7:15 Why Discord over Slack

13:35 Panasonic announced PTZ cameras with 4K/60fps, NDI, and SRT announced. Thoughts?

17:19 When is Scopes tutorial happening

17:50 Zoom vs. Big Blue Button

22:08 Is OTT a mature platform now?

38:45 Why don't you use the windscreen for Pyle microphones

39:40 Desktop vs app design

40:50 Reference the various codecs used

42:39 Removing lighting issues in DaVinci Resolve

43:38 Anyone working with for livestreaming

44:15 USDZ will be good for complex models? 

49:15 Quick breakdown for DANTE, SCORPIO, MixPre are and do

50:57 Has Zoom suggest any brand name hardware

52:01 Zoom sync issues for post-productions

54:27 Thoughts on Red Komodo

55:28 Planning to integrate Zoom into Mukana?

55:40 Roland VR50HD thoughts

57:53 Zoom high fidelity also impact sharing computer sound 

58:21 Is Courtney's Emmy sitting on top of a Victrola?

1:00:00 Michael Moeding Talks audio 


Focus on Ruthless Reviews 8/31/20

Office Hours for Aug 31, 2020 - Office Hours 160


00:00 Intro

4:50 Cameras to use with ATEM Mini low/high price

19:05 How do I use my iPad as a program feed for a teleprompter

21:44 XLR to USB cables - instances to use? 

24:12 on the 8 machine vMix setup

28:00 What is OBS?

30:45 Budget friendly LAN server sending audio multicast HDMI to IP

40:45 George shares a quick process using for Zoom ISO

43:41 How can I diagnose a vMix shut down

45:22 Magix Music Maker the PC equivellanct 

46:00 Correcting color with different cameras

48:33 Can Pyle be squished for child heads

51:20 Difference between Microphone Bias and Phantom Power

53:13 VMA thoughts

54:57 Putting text on screen with keying (Ingredients on screen)

56:47 Protocol for logo bug placement

59:19 Real time mark up of a participant's video image in Zoom

1:00:11 Virtual sound check on a digital mixer

1:03:09 Question on speed stream in vMix

1:04:15 Explaination of the term "Mike Bias Voltage"

1:04:45 Ruthless Reviews


Saturday Focus on Education 8/29/20

Office Hours for Aug 29, 2020 - Office Hours 158


00:00 Intro

3:08 Mid range budget ear piece that doesn't fall out

13:22 Hardware/Software the panel uses

44:03 When will Mukana be available for purchase

44:28 What background is Alex using

46:49 Do news casters use boom arms

56:06 Why would you have an all-white studio

59:05 Idea focal length for a webcam

1:02:20 Singer needs limiter and compressor

1:05:35 How important is it to set up your production business

1:12:43 What helps to provide viewer community and interaction

1:19:56 Features do you use for Blackmagic web presenter to Studio camera

1:21:38 Are kits to be returned

1:24:50 Override the auto timeout of a Nikon camera

1:27:11 Mukana event ID

1:27:37 Audio process chain

1:29:53 How do you use Zoom video filters

1:34:41 Comparison of Drone cameras

1:59:00 Focus on Education


Focus on Education Fridays 8/28/20

Office Hours for Aug 28, 2020 - Office Hours 157


00:00 Intro

2:45 How do you store your gear

11:34 How do you make TikTok video

16:43 Using an iPhone in Zoom

18:35 PTZ control Panasonic to ATEM

24:42 Can a host unmute guests after the new security

27:42 Teranex on the ATEM TV Studio 4K effect channel out

30:12 Does office hours have different video quality between Zoom, YouTube, and others

31:50 Inventory control system for gear

36:46 Are EF lenses on Blackmagic a good investment?

38:05 NewBlueFX streaming software

38:50 Testing upload resolution for meetings

39:55 Audio is ahead of the video in YouTube

47:00 Which specs are important for preamps for MixPre 6

48:30 Will MixPre3 help clear audio for recording or streaming

51:20 Alternative to G streamer

52:19 Reprise the conversation in pre-show about Game of Thrones being dark.

54:11 Did anyone try to sneakily join Office Hours to sell things. How do you handle that? 

55:26 Compare streamlabs and OBS

57:35 Comments on Joe Rogan chain

59:21 Thoughts on Streamyard

1:00:25 Is there a Office Hours job board?

1:00:50 Friday Focus on Education 


Focus on Questions and Answers for 8/27/20

Office Hours for Aug 27, 2020 - Office Hours 156


00:00 Intro

3:52 Will Victor publish eCamm 2nd hour

5:11 Is the sync issue with ATEM mini across all models

9:50 Stas app for MacOS

10:40 Video making video for iOS and Android

13:25 Sync issue coming routing audio through camera with HDMI

14:25 What adapter to Pyle mic into MixPre

15:00 Application Phil was showing to evaluate sweep

15:19 Using the Sienna AppleTV app to NDI

17:07 Remote zoom and focus NDI cameras

17:55 Audio sync test 2nd hour

19:25 Integrated hardware sytle switchers use NDI? 

20:08 Tips and techniques for reporters for hurricaine

22:24 How to Gather Windows in Zoom

23:20 2nd hour suggestion

23:54 Experience with Pixellot camera systems

25:50 Requirements to joining the panel

28:00 Does Alex still do teardowns

31:05 Integrated graphics vs descret for teachers?

34:54 Do you run mixed-platform setups and how to integrate between the two

37:26 Which situations would you use SDI or NDI

41:40 Control ATEM mini and 4K on one computer

42:52 Desktop mini shotgun to put on a desk with shock mount

45:53 Reduce wind noise when using a headset mic

47:50 All digital audio chain

58:11 Best way to solve audio/video delay issues

1:00:33 Crumplepop tips

1:02:42 Livestream platform China to US 

1:04:33 Where is Patreon Show Up


Focus on Camera Apps on Set with Chris Summers 8/26/20

Office Hours for Aug 26, 2020 - Office Hours 155


00:00 Intro

3:34 What Chris Fenwick has been up to yesterday with Final Cut Pro s

18:43 Two sets of Bluetooth out of iMac

20:16 Connecting both iOS and Android wireless into a Zoom session - audio and video

24:23 Selecting crews for a show

39:55 Aspect ratio on BlackMagic Cinema 6K

41:11 NDI HX camera to Mac, how can I get better frame rates

44:25 Easiest way to add lower thirds to all participants

46:18 Set exposure for a dolly shot going outside to inside

49:25 Zoom meeting mic mutes, the Video I play also mutes

50:30 Anyone use NDI for Microsoft Teams

51:27 Market newcomers driving down costs

53:51 iPhone 11 Pro to ATEM mini Pro. How can I resize video

54:15 2015 Macbook pro with USB and Thunderbolt, how to go to USB-C 

56:08 Test out my iOS rig with Teredek Live:Air

57:30 Second hour request

59:09 Shade a BM Pocket Cinema through a Seetec monitoring

1:00:00 Windows version of Crumplepop for leveling

1:01:00 Checking Victor and Zach's sync

1:03:00 Chris Summers talks apps on set 


Focus on Audio Scopes 101 8/25/20

Office Hours for Aug 25, 2020 - Office Hours 154


00:00 Intro

3:25 Experience with ATEM ISO

17:27 Why should I choose webinar over meeting

21:50 Is yesterday's Video Scopes online?

22:36 Why Zoom went down

23:02 Current kit you send out

30:02 SDI cable creation 2nd hour?

32:04 Camera App with the 1See

33:47 Cheap solution for playout in SDI with embedded Closed Captions

36:25 Adjusting latency in OBS

37:35 Good uses for an old Macbook Pro 

39:34 Who is setting up the home kits?

40:33 Recommendations for Stop video using a Mac

41:50 Compare RNC vs. DNC convention productions

42:24 Earbuds with an in-line microphone

44:31 Why Alex is not on Macbreak weekly

45:44 Showing a black screen without turning off the camera

47:45 Minimum equipment for proper church streaming

52:08 What happens if Zoom doesn't work in secret events

57:20 Routing multiple mics to Zoom in ATEM Mini 

58:25 What's Alex' kids home school setup like? 

59:55 Thoughts on Apple buying Spaces

1:03:30 Audio scopes


Saturday Focus on Education 8/22/20

Office Hours for Aug 22, 2020 - Office Hours 151


00:00 Intro

3:26 Thoughts on Epic vs. Apple Lawsuit

19:55 Could ATEM mini sync issue be a Zoom problem? 

24:38 Zoom "Professional music mode" was posted, then removed. Thoughts?

30:05 Large diaphragm condenser microphone recommendations

34:56 Would like to see short bios on the panelists

35:53 Settings for the Logitech C920

37:47 Timelapse video suggestions

45:27 Cleaning up background noise. iZotope RX7 vs RX Post Production

49:23 Ways to send Multiple SDI sources to stream out independently

53:33 Will Zoom get a clean video feed version for SRT I/O integration

1:00:10 Audio Leveling for Windows

1:03:24 Explain Zoom point-to-point

1:15:18 In Final Cut Pro, how do I make files smaller

1:17:30 Area Microphone to use for a Zoom party

1:23:12 Tools for SDI/HDMI analysis

1:30:20 Speakers are popping in church, but audio stream does not show that. 

1:32:14 Side by side in a zoom meeting with two people

1:35:43 Experience with

1:37:15 App on Mac/PC to write notes that will be on top of other apps

1:40:26 Thoughts on DNC not going to more virtual

1:43:12 Brio with Logi-Capture causes stuttering on Zoom

1:44:55 Plan if the video router fails

1:46:30 break

1:59:59 Focus on Education


Focus on Education 8/21/20

Office Hours for Aug 21, 2020 - Office Hours 150


00:00 Intro

4:00 OBS to Zoom a good option? 

10:00 What type of laptop should I get for Zoom calls

15:35 How to upgrade your Zoom to 1080p

22:45 Guy: Thoughts on the ATEM pro ISO

31:39 Tweaks and hacks to stream on Instagram Live via a recorder

34:17 Camera questions

36:57 Power only breakout cable for BMD Micro Studio

41:50 Control software for the 1See on Mac

43:58 What was Daria Musk's audio path to Zoom

44:37 How high to mount a light grid on a high ceiling room

51:30 Online tour streams for venues

53:14 Best way to use an iPad as a mouse or drawing pad

53:55 thoughts? 

54:26 Zoom in an iframe

54:52 Zoom multi screen of the teacher

56:00 Google Play mmusic leaving

56:11 Macbook checking of specs

57:11 Do you Light bounce

58:50 Hardware that does Picture in Picture

59:17 Education Hour


Focus on Online Engagement with Daria Musk 8/20/20

Office Hours for Aug 20, 2020 - Office Hours 149


00:00 Intro

3:38 Audio mixer small enough to ship

6:04 MixPre on Advance mode settings that are not in basic mode

17:04 ATEM Mini Pro ISO - Is there enough there for the price difference

24:50 Issues with extending desktop to ATEM mini

29:26 George's Dell specs for video

33:13 Divinci resolve for color grading?

36:34 What does Mukana mean?

38:03 General order of audio/filters effects to kill room tone

39:46 Orban Loudness Meter. Which mini meeter settings should I focus on

41:00 Recommended mic stand for mobile use

43:32 Thoughts on Zoom recorders vs MixPre

47:32 Mute button for XLR mic

49:50 4-6 inch LED soft light

52:10 1-4 USB Switcher

53:40 Best NVIDIA Card for OBS

56:00 Zoom client on a Facebook Portal 

57:32 Best NLE on Windows for general use

58:28 Hardware audio chain option working well as software

59:34 Daria Musk 


Focus on Loading in and Out Cameras at an Event with Chris Summers 8/19/20

Office Hours for Aug 19, 2020 - Office Hours 148


00:00 Intro

4:02 Audio chain when on a client Zoom call

10:01 Take on video going green using NDI

13:25 Unexpected wind gusts when shooting outside

18:24 Can a bad #HDMI cable causing sync issues?

20:52 Controlling Yamaha digital mixers remotely

24:39 Hardware solution to compress audio to IEM Zoom calls 

28:10 Lesson on how to use a MixPre 3 II to ATEM

31:25 Cost effective way to extend HDMI cables

37:49 Clamp with #NVMe drive in an ICY box

38:40 Chrome will kill your website? 

41:43 Tool to deliver the history for audio chains

46:50 Zoom "I can't find the mute button"  

48:16 Best plug-in mic for iPhone

50:18 Disney Plus "Science class with a twist" - what was that?

51:44 ATEM constellation mix-minus settings

53:35 Bringing Quicktime video into Zoom

57:50 Pyle Microphones and failover

59:43 MOTU Microbook 

59:57 Play with eCam or OBS guests when you can't use others

1:00:55 Rating system in Mukana Q&A

1:01:40 Revolabs HD Wireless mic system alternative

1:02:41 2014 Macbook Air be powerful enough to run an ATEM Mini Pro

1:03:00 Chris Summers and Loading in and out of cameras in an event


Focus on Building a Song with Garageband: Victor Cajiao 8/18/20

Office Hours for Aug 18, 2020 - Office Hours 147


Victor Cajiao ( walks us through the basics of building a song in Garageband. This is a key skill for royalty free music beds.

00:00 Intro

4:17 Setup #NDI on Android, iPhone

7:20 Mic check recording online

8:06 Connecting other computers into ATEM mini pro

11:06 Accessories for Blackmagic 6K camera

16:04 - Zoom alternative

25:09 Have you used Olive 

25:45 Easy way to do a mic check at home

28:22 #Virtual backgrounds

31:50 Audio issue MixPre 3 II

32:50 Mini DV tapes need to digitize

35:30 Recording a small choir. Microphone tips

41:16 Simple Mic for Zoom

42:30 In ear monitor (IFB) that Alex uses 

44:30 Wireless bodypacks

46:50 SIGGRAPH what's new and cool? 

47:35 Telestrator that Guy used 

49:00 Better headset solution under $100

50:56 ETA of Alex #Telestrator video

51:25 Remote performance latency

52:45 Travel road cases for ATEM mini pro

53:09 Mukana audio chain on a PC

53:40 Sound bags for medium sized recorders

54:19 Interfaces to go after the MixPre

56:39 Ecamm live cannot get sound into Zoom

57:12 Reason to change color temperature of lights

57:55 Edit questions in Mukana

58:35 Different types of edits in Final Cut

59:35 Hardware solution when you cannot get an ATEM mini

1:00:34 live stream to playback

1:02:08 Mukana font size

1:02:15 Firmware coding person to code after life AJA cameras

1:03:30 Victor talks creating music 


Saturday Deeper Focus on Education 8/15/20

 Office Hours for Aug 15, 2020 - Office Hours 144


00:00 Intro

3:28 Best way to light yourself

8:52 USB on the MixPre audio chains

16:30 Cleaning up audio of an interview

22:37 Royalty free music for Zoom on church stream

30:18 Boom mics for cooking class

36:44 Can you used licensed music if you talk over it

37:45 Which graphics should you get for Macbook Pro

46:19 Fix slightly out-of-focus talent

48:37 Mobile power supply for MixPre

54:11 Storage recommendations with a BMPCC 6K

58:20 Stabilizer for camcorder

1:00:50 Talk on chairs the panels use

1:09:45 Blade and Fade editing technique

1:17:45 3D Blender Unity Photogrametry - iMac or PC

1:21:03 Color correction footage on a Blackmagic 6K with ProRes 422

1:21:50 Why camera haven't moved to CFExpress

1:24:43 Which T5 and RAW compression are you using

1:26:00 Good wall mount for a camera

1:31:22 T5 or T7 drive?

1:59:59 Focus on Education


Focus on Education 8/14/20

Office Hours for Aug 14, 2020 - Office Hours 143


00:00 Intro

1:00 Lower 3rds Keynote

6:32 Did you enjoy 2nd hour

10:54 Key on button resets the USK to Chroma on ATEM

15:14 SMPTE 2110 thoughts

18:06 What should I use if I can't get an ATEM Mini

23:48 Raspberry Pi Zero working as USB webcam to HDMI converter

25:49 How do you bring Skype into a show

31:14 Best way to add a Youtube video to keynote

35:30 Bonded internet with 2 way communications

38:28 When will ATEM Mini Pro ship

41:10 Using a Dell Monitor on a Mac

43:30 Explain the process for YouTube with channel markers

46:46 Impressions of NVidia RTX voice

47:42 Jump frame on Zoom switching/editing

50:29 Favorite follow focus system for Pocket 6K

51:18 Feedback to live streaming setup and output

52:20 Discord link remaining open

52:53 Unboxing question

54:15 Focus on Education


Focus on Brian Vander Ark of the Verve Pipe with Songs, Questions, and Answers 8/13/20

Office Hours for Aug 13, 2020 - Office Hours 142


00:00 Intro

4:35 Zoom original audio

8:45 Dealing with clients comparing prices

24:18 Do you always use AudioHijack and Loopback on/off, or leave them on?

26:30 Wireless solution with range greater than Bluetooth 100-150 feet

30:48 ATEM mini pro taking over control for color correction

33:52 good platform for concurrent interactive activities, like a holiday party where one room has trivia, one room has a drink demo, and guests can go room to room to have fun?"

37:36 Need a bonded cellular option

40:01 Sell a host a PayPerView Concert

43:13 Reasonably priced Lavalier

45:57 Best way to conform 16:9 to 2:1 LED screen

46:39 When to use NDI over RTSP

47:42 A log appliance for when SDI drops

49:20 Lights for Better Zoom meetings

50:21 Mukana for other events

50:45 Is there a Zoom with language translation

51:30 Switchers sync issues with separate audio/video

52:45 Questions for Ubisoft

53:17 Mukana question for desktop

54:25 Mickey's log book 

57:40 Brian Vander Ark of the Verve Pipe:


Focus on Remote Lenses with Chris Summers 8/12/2020

Office Hours for Aug 12, 2020 - Office Hours 141


00:00 Intro

3:35 Future of physical media after Blu-Ray

16:09 Why do I need 6K Raw recordings

21:30 Custom gimbal. How do you source making a product in China

22:57 Best type of microphone to use where mic is not in shot

24:45 Control 3 PTZ cameras

30:55 Explain 32-bit float

36:52 Good service for OTT (ROku, Fire TV, etc)

37:27 Route a mic to Mac for under $200

39:11 Monitoring growth outside Zoom

40:05 Features a Mixer needs for streaming

43:50 How do people use the On-Air button in ATEM mini pro

45:10 Match balanced and unbalanced media feeds

48:30 Camcorder in the $1-2K range for sports

49:47 Recording Powerpoint/ISO 

51:41 Waiting for the VDO360 See1

53:45 Live video ATEM to unique LED wall. Crop or pillarbox?

54:44 Restore 16:9 aspect ratio on Pocket Cinema 6K into ATEM mini

56:38 Chris Summers presents Lenses 


Focus on Audio for 8/11/2020

Office Hours for Aug 11, 2020 - Office Hours 140


00:00 Intro

3:50 Topaz Labs AI Software

5:46 Walk through multi-layer photoshop process for an Overlay

8:43 Show a video via screenshare feature into a locked down environment

16:12 MmmHmm - is it helpful? 

19:30 Zoom lighting with glasses, and shadows

24:01 A Steve Bayes Second hours on Saturdays be back

25:20 How Alex streams audio into Mukana

30:19 ATEM mini vs. Mini Pro

34:30 A way to find the answer to a question asked in the past

36:22 Should I purchase a ATEM Mini

38:48 Will second hour earlier recordings be available in the future

43:44 A Canon C100 still a viable camera 

45:57 Anyone use 

46:43 Adding more than 8 frame audio delay in ATEM mini

48:20 Global Office Hours

52:57 Multiple camera photo shoot for non-photographers

55:40 Keyboard ideas

56:26 Sony Ci Catalog thoughts

56:41 Getting into the VFX industry for live event

58:29 Using mobile to stream to YouTube 

59:28 Streaming question between AWS and Restream/Streamyard

1:01:50 Battery powered rechargable display  

1:03:30 Diagram for lighting, cameras for light reflection issues

1:04:30 Can Mukana generate markers

1:04:44 Resource for basic streaming setups

1:05:20 Padcaster kit experiences

1:06:40 How to view a Zoom as attendee and host

1:07:45 Audio Q&A


Focus on Making Your Zoom Session Better 8/10/20

Office Hours for Aug 10, 2020 - Office Hours 139


00:00 Intro

3:55 More useful Stream Deck actions with Mini Pro

8:10 Prefered table arm mounts for VLOG camera and monitors

11:39 Is there an iconic OBS training video

12:52 Explain BlueStacks

15:50 Compare LiveU LRT to Zixi and SRT for stability

20:50 Recommendations for Box cams with SDI

26:07 Explain "Virtual Camera"

29:04 Retool conference recording for this new era

33:20 Routing MixPre Audio through ATEM vs. straight to USB

35:52 Low cost In Ear piece (IFB)

36:50 Bring a presenter in with presentation on another computer

38:20 Why is a remote presentation called a "Pickle"

39:38 Controlling Blackmagic ATEM remotely

42:36 Graphics issues, and ways to avoid

45:53 C-Stand low-cost alternative

48:02 Strategies for finding new clients during this time

54:22 How does a school handle mantainance and tutorials to operate

56:07 Studio Projects B3 Mic to Berhringer mixer. Audio issue help

57:00 Send Canon drivers

57:28 Consumer and Pro level differences

59:10 2nd hour on Google Meet features

1:00:00 DSLR that doesn't time out

1:01:25 Who should buy TikTok

1:08:00 Focus on Zoom 


Focus on Helping Educators Questions and Answers 8/08/2020

Office Hours for Aug 8, 2020 - Office Hours 137


00:00 Intro

4:30 Overview on SRT and RTMP

13:30 Backgrounds in Zoom

25:16 Greenscreen the floor up

29:09 Connect a Sure SM58 to the ATEM Mini

30:38 CPU/GPU requirements for Full NDI network

37:13 Budget for live event questions to askquestions

46:43 Do captions created in Zoom pass through to YouTube

49:47 Why do you add a hair light to a person

52:26 Implications for Microsoft's new live streaming feature 

56:35 Using online or software switching solution

1:03:29 Reliable KVM switcher for 8 computers

1:06:35 Non branded low priced capture cards are they reliable?

1:11:10 What do you mean by DX?

1:12:25 Inexpensive teleprompter

1:15:22 Similar headset to the Pyle for comfort

1:18:24 DSLR for use with Zoom

1:25:06 Certain color blue to wear?

1:26:23 Low priced cameras for the ATEM Mini

1:34:04 Second monitor 6-8 inch display

1:38:00 Using OBS on a computer that locked down at work

1:39:50 Guy's setup and questions for Schy's setup

2:00:00 Focus on Education


Video Production for Education 8-7-2020

Office Hours for Aug 7, 2020 - Office Hours 136


00:00 Intro

4:13 Using "Record separate audio for each participant" in Zoom

6:54 Easist way to increase audio on video clips submitted by others

11:05 Color correction when clothing is close match to the background

13:40 3 camera production with 2 hours of setup

21:43 Simple eCam level software audio equalizer for the portable kit

24:45 Sony DSC-RX0 Action Cam 

26:53 How big do the Zoom cloud recordings get

30:20 Explain the difference between ways to cut in Final Cut Pro

32:58 Buying an extended warranty

36:35 Recommendataions for closed captions for Zoom

37:24 Website to run a closed photo contest online

39:12 AV sync slip, how can I fix it

40:46 Mukana questions

41:19 Slide decks for meeting agendas

42:48 Is Voicemeeter Banana like Audio Hijack

43:20 Can the screen resolution in a Facetime call closely match Zoom

44:32 Is the panel's wardrobe changing for camera work

45:37 Best ways to get a Final Cut Pro video to a colorist

46:07 When will Adobe have good support for Apple products

49:06 eGPu - what graphics cards do you recommend for a Mac Mini

50:10 recommendations for phone connection for streaming. Audio over Video

51:39 Audio on the Macbook to ATEM doesn't show up

57:45 We talk about how you can continue to educate people during this uncertain time. 


Luria Petrucci Talks Live Streaming

Office Hours for Aug 6, 2020 - Office Hours 135


00:00 Intro

6:45 Gear kits - what instructions do you send with them

11:30 Need a "Building Graphics" 2nd hour

13:12 What is Brittish EQ

15:00 Is the Logitech capture software work best for Brio

16:40 Recordings stop in ExFat

20:50 Bringing in participants with presentations in MimoLive

27:08 Better networking opportunities in virtual meetings

31:07 Bringing in a remote participant

34:37 Advanced music settings in Zoom

38:26 AWS how do you point the cloud video to YouTube

41:30 Time cues to participants to a zoom 

44:27 Zoom meetings when everyone talks at once

48:46 Wireless ear buds with noise cancel on the mic

50:49 Whova or Pheedloop

52:45 Questions marked answered in the chat

53:50 Virtual conference for drawing a random name

56:55 Miraki for network routers. Specific model

57:57 Best platform for virtual summits and conferences

58:32 Followup on Bill's image

59:02 Links in Mukana question

59:41 @Luria Petrucci aka Cali Lewis  @Live Streaming Pros on creating #Livestream content


Camera s General Discussion 8/05/20

Office Hours for Aug 5, 2020 - Office Hours 134


00:00 Intro

4:08 Can I use a Chromecast as HDMI input to ATEM Mini Pro

6:03 Better ergonomics

17:57 XML file retain the streaming key

22:30 Use an XR18 connected to Mac 

25:35 Insight on Certified Technical Specialist through AVIXIA

31:50 IFM in the portable kit

34:53 Resource list of insert studios

38:02 Pi setup to control AV equipment

41:20 Mimolive to Zoom

42:01 What light does Bill use in his booth

43:30 Time and Aperature in exposure of a webcam

44:42 Recommended program for embedding video into Zoom

48:22 Talk about MITTI

51:55 Guy's zooming feature

57:07 headsets for other skin tones

59:53 C920 setup, but needs a good microphone

1:00:00 Questions continue, soft move into Camera discussion


Learn about Audio Hijack and Loopback

Office Hours for Aug 4, 2020 - Office Hours 133


00:00 Intro

4:00 Recommendations for a switch

6:30 FCPX interlaced H.264 with multichannel audio

10:02 Recommendations for Digital Asset Manager (DAM) software

16:08 Need information on how to ask for 18% grey paint

18:39 Video on WLM into a Zoom session

20:27 Can using ProLevel work as well as WLM

20:58 Huddlecam HD 4k impressions

23:14 Ground noise on a Logitech Headset

24:33 HDMI audio/video sync difference an industry standard?

29:10 Computer as an input and ISO recording

35:28 Does Zoom alter the compression level according to the participants bandwidth

37:10 LUFS conforming tool to help when delivering broadcast files out of FCPX

38:57 Blackmagic 6K microphone suggestion

41:51 Zoom on iPad speaker and mic is open. Will an external device work

44:00 Tips and Tricks to get an Intensity Shuttle USB3 to work in Zoom

46:00 Livestream by Vimeo ceasing operation? 

47:45 Skaarhoj Mini Fly working with ATEM Mini?

48:30 Logitech C925e is not connecting audio

49:58 Mini XLR to full size XLR?

51:02 Using Voicemeeter on AWS with NDI

51:53 SMPTE recording location

52:57 Best free-ish way to post 4 hour meetings online

53:58 Where is AWS

54:24 Why does Mukana ask for login on iPhone

55:04 NVidia RTX AI Noise reduction

55:30 Mukana sound closer to sync with video stream

58:02 How did Chris Fritchie's live outdoor show go?

58:40 Anyone using Elgato Camlink to turn an HDMI camera output into a webcam

1:02:30 Join us for round table discussion about how we use #AudioHijack and #Loopback.

(These are Mac-based apps)


Amazon Web Services Streaming Questions & Answers Session

Office Hours for Aug 3, 2020 - Office Hours 132


00:00 Intro

5:00 New features to Discord and Office Hours

8:45 Importing DaVinci project files into Final Cut Pro

13:04 Embed a Zoom session into a webpage

14:15 Macros with ATEM switchers

15:45 Purple is tougher on compression? 

19:02 3D printed COVID Mask with mic installed

24:13 Measure color temperature for live video

28:25 Why no 120 fps in BlackMagic cameras

28:55 Thoughts on drones

34:30 No multiview output on ATEM Mini Pro

37:20 Delays on Blackmagic products since Melbourne is in lockdown

38:00 Downsides to painting the wall

40:55 Downloading or moving Zoom to One Drive or another service

42:21 Link the broadcast Zoom to YouTube

43:43 Reprogramming a Sony RM-BR300. Can it be done? 

44:24 Experience with Open Reel

44:56 recommendations on a RAID system

46:48 overcoming disruption due to remote workers and delays

51:55 Real world use case of Medialooks

53:00 improve a video that was shot at night

53:12 Difference in MixPre Gen 1 and 2

54:10 issue with using Zoom embeds and breakout rooms

54:44 Youtube Colin Furze creating edu/science

55:06 Connecting portable monitor to Macbook Pro

55:40 3D mask to Courtney on how to modify the mask for a microphone

59:03 Introduction to AWS: The fine folks @Amazon Web Services will be joining us to answer your questions about streaming in the cloud. Shaun Lile, Matt Vegas, and James Murphy will answer questions.


Office Hours -200801 Saturday Education Focus

Office Hours for Aug 1, 2020 - Office Hours 130


00:00 Intro

4:08 Alex shows a web cam showing

31:35 Lights for a portable set #Godox SL60

38:30 #ATEM Bridge questions

54:40 USB Wireless LAV mics $50-$150

58:35 Why Brio over huddlecams

1:00:40 Software controls for the Logitech

1:02:25 Green screen or gray screen

1:10:15 Specific view on a webcam

1:10:32 Connecting multiple ATEM Bridges over WAN 

1:11:06 Software switchers

1:12:20 Ideal parameters for best quality 

1:14:10 #Webcam brands

1:18:05 SD card adapter used in ATEM Mini Pro recording

1:19:35 Zoom and pan with the 1See

1:19:50 Wall cams in NBA

1:59:00 Focus on Education


Office Hours - 200731 Focus on Education

Office Hours for July 31, 2020 - Office Hours 129


00:00 Intro

6:12 Thoughts on new #ATEM Streaming Bridge

21:35 Creating custom wipes with BMD constillation

27:45 Explain workflow for Waves WLM for live stream

28:43 Zoom webinar or meeting

30:43 @Nike Commercial comments

36:07 Headset combo for Win/Mac

38:05 Mic output #MixPre 10 to BMPCC TA3, splitting stereo monitoring

42:00 affordable stand or boom arm for desktop mic to avoid vibrations or bumps

43:15 Did you look at the Microsoft Teams API

48:30 Good solution to record #NDI stream of a vMix call in one file

50:35 What should I get for my work--home setup for $100

55:00 Will an ATEM mini bridge be made

1:00:00 Focus on Education


Shaunagh Connaire talks Production in the Field

Office Hours for July 30, 2020 - Office Hours 128


00:00 Intro

3:55 Using a frame synchronizer

9:45 Predictions for Black Magic event

14:00 Using poor features in Zoom Academy to help teachers

22:10 Workflow in recording with ATEM Mini Pro

24:02 Anyone use QIQO Chat

25:50 What camera lens when using a plain background

28:01 What Kelvin temperature should be set in our keylight

29:28 Option to pause Windows

32:20 Dual Boot Linux in ATEM mini

34:28 Better suggestions to convert video to MP4 than VLC

36:26 Least amount of devices needed for greenscreen device

39:14 Streaming encoders for HDR

40:37 Research on production values for Zoom fatigue 

45:55 Sync delay issues, how to fix

49:38 Alex telestrator teardown

50:36 Force Zoom to higher resolution

52:08 Quality of bringing in audio via HDMI

53:12 Board of choice for recording music

54:30 to capture a live event

56:40 Starter lens for a Blackmagic Pocket Cinema 4K

58:22 Shaunagh Connaire on Production in the Field


Office Hours - 200729 Chris Summers on Camera s

Office Hours for July 29, 2020 - Office Hours 127


00:00 Intro

4:10 Hot fail over of encoders. How is it accomplished in hardware

7:12 Preferred method of monitoring a stream

11:45 Does the Zoom webinar continue if the host loses connection

13:21 How does the BMCC 6K handling down sampling 

19:50 Spotlighting another person in Zoom

22:05 Un-tethering Sidekick IEM MixPre

25:29 Rode Shotgun to ATEM Mini

27:07 Background size for a covering

29:57 Microphone recommendations with room noise for iPad

31:14 How to best communicate notes to an editor

36:00 Recording on 3 cameras, how to sync

40:15 Vimeo stream problems 

44:23 What's a good HDMI multi-view device

45:40 Expectations Blackmagic ATEM event tomorrow

48:00 Thoughts on the Tech Industry Washington event

49:53 Matching the GoPro with other video cameras

53:01 HighFive Conferencing app

53:25 Learning management systems for online training

54:20 Disabling Teranex processing in ATEM switchers

55:00 Good mixer equivalent to Behringer Xenyx Q602USB

55:30 Decoder for 3rd party devices to receive off-campus feeds

57:00 Unlimited IRL

58:40 Audiostream recommendations with Audio Implements earpiece and Pyle Microphone to iPad or Macbook Air

59:35 BlueJeans events

1:00:00 Will Mukana continue as a web interface and not an App

1:01:00 Chris Summers on Cameras


Office Hours -200727 Keynote and Presentations

Office Hours for July 27, 2020 - Office Hours 125


00:00 Intro

5:48 Animated whiteboard software to work with Keynote

7:33 #ATEM Mini audio routing

8:30 Best connection to take iPhone to ATEM Mini

13:28 Pros and Cons of the video in the corner of the screen

16:31 #Mixpre to Blackmagic Cinema 6K 

20:30 Bring a live guest into the ATEM mini pro

22:16 Can you plug a Pyle mic directly into ATEM mini pro

23:30 Major advantages of ATEM constellation over ATEM 4 M/Education

25:57 Keynote for on-air graphics vs motion

30:42 Can I answer a question in #Mukana as an attendee

31:11 Resources for use of Keynote

31:41 dongle needed to use Pyle mic in Mac or iPad

33:27 Concealed wired earbuds

38:40 Black and White matte key

40:17 Auto-tag in new chat system

40:35 Did the second window get disabled

42:45 Hyperlinks no clickable

44:51 Dampen sound in studio

52:49 Tripod recommendations

53:48 Switching between discord rooms

54:07 Thoughts on vMix

54:55 Mukana questions

59:56 Keynote Presentations Q&A


Office Hours - 200725 The First Saturday Edition on YouTube

Office Hours for July 25, 2020 - Office Hours 123


00:00 - Intro

3:57 Circular shape in ring lights

8:05 Best Blackmagic for sports production

15:04 Light beams on the background

21:08 Mic gain control vs Zoom gain control

21:39 approved shade of green for chromakey

24:30 Thoughts on the Panasonic CX350

26:38 What are you sitting on for daily Zoom calls? 

29:43 How does Mickey cut office hours so efficiantly

31:12 Best app on the Mac to use 

36:07 Glare reflection on my glasses

40:07 Recording a conversation in Zoom, getting sync issues

43:12 Thought on considering the ATEM production 4K

45:35 Livestreaming to Facebook drifts

47:45 old iMac adding a software chain for Zoom

48:30 Are OBS and ScreenFlow comparible

48:54 MPEGStreamclip replacement

49:43 Delete option in new Q&A

50:06 Franchise Office Hours for other languages

52:30 Time stamps for the new chat system

53:00 Optimal Bitrate for streaming to YouTube or Facebook

53:30 Alpha layer in Panamation telestrator

53:55 Losing image on HDMI monitors, EDID 

1:00:00 Focus on Education

2:00:00 vMix deep dive


Office Hours 200724 Focus on Education

Office Hours for July 24, 2020 - Office Hours 122


00:00 - Intro

4:50 Explain why no green screen

13:50 $50-$100 microphone for iPhone

16:19 First 25 panelists in YouTube

17:20 Clicking and popping in vMix to Zoom

21:08 Why add more to your Mic if Zoom can do a good job

25:00 What is VTDecoderXPC Service

29:09 Streaming to Zoom using ultrastudio mini recorder

31:30 Using iMac as a screen with my Macbook Pro

32:44 Change the stylesheet of vMix call login page

35:15 Rode video mic sound

36:19 Input in new chat system between Q&A and Chat

37:53 Sub $150 headset mic for Zoom meetings

41:10 Will vMix (Weekends) be recorded

42:06 Heil PR-40 into a Sony A7ii camera

47:20 Standard workflow for 4K editing

49:48 Where are links shows discussed

50:30 30 vs. 29.97 fps difference

53:23 Software to adjust camera MBP 2017 to Facetime

54:08 New Discord Link

54:18 Canon VIXIA that don't support Rode or Diety mics

55:05 What was the Microdot mic connection for

57:14 Anyone running audio sign sweeps to calibrate room

1:00:00 Education Hour


Creating Content, Spreading the Word with Rene Ritchie

Office Hours for July 23, 2020 - Office Hours 121


00:00 - Intro

6:01 Is anyone using Rivet

10:50 Why do Zoom audio levels change when we haven't moved volume

13:00 Mixer or preamp needed for my mic

14:28 Does Zoom increase the outbound video resolution when you talk

16:09 Max resolution for screen sharing in presentations

18:55 Sony FX9 thoughts

30:20 Will there be an open registration

30:41 Import a photo to Zoom

33:36 Saturday Eduction Hour on YouTube

34:38 Chris Fenwick on the sound of Office Hours

35:33 Using Hyperdeck studio Mini, card needs to be re-inserted 

37:33 Is SRT a license free protocol

38:58 What's the standard for large video files - NAS or DAS

43:50 Any way to remove the Zoom watermark on YouTube stream

44:26 MimoLive reporter reporter app not working right

45:00 What works for Green screen setup (Reflecmedia)

46:46 Shotgun microphone not working in Canon VIXIA

47:40 Add the Q&A chat to stream link 

48:31 Blue Band on Q&A is distracting

49:07 Experience of Whova, or cadmiumcd

52:40 What you think of the new Q&A Tool

1:00:36 @Rene Ritchie  Q&A session, then it's @Boinx Software #MimoLive tips


Bob Caniglia Talks the New BlackMagic Cinema 12K Camera

Office Hours for July 22, 2020 - Office Hours 120


00:00 - Intro

5:56 Alex remote adjusted a @Logitech  Brio camera remotely

14:50 Locking in Higher Resolution in #Zoom

17:50 Can Grant talk about his latest show

19:37 Please explain Parsec

22:20 How do you stay sane and healthy in a dark room

27:40 Home Kits for professors

34:30 Give a tutorial on #AudioHijack

35:30 ATEM TV upgrade

41:08 What other webcams to use than 920 s

43:10 Sports call in vMix using #WebRTC

49:34 Color balancing for Bi-Color (if you're color blind)

51:29 PC alternative to Griffin iMic

52:42 Moving @Skype NDI to vMix. Will this improve quality

53:45 Experience with or other #CDN use

54:32 How do I connect my Logiterch 920 to ATEM mini

55:00 Do you trust vMix to stream to Vimeo

59:15 Bob Caniglia on Blackmagic Design Cinema 12K Camera #Blackmagic


Audio Q&A with Greg Curda

Office Hours for July 21, 2020 - Office Hours 119


00:00 - Intro

5:36 - Similarly priced In-Ear Monitor to Pyle

12:56 - Good monitor/TV switch HDMI

16:13 - Working with talent to be comfortable

20:25 - Does Mac not recognize NDI plugin for Unreal

21:08 - moving phantom HDMI windows in Mac 

22:45 - Streaming CDN for Chinese Audience

27:08 - Audio mixers for a newbie

31:32 - Safari hijacking audio issue

33:25 - audio coming VoIP to mix in video

35:03 - ND filters for BMDCC 6K camera

37:53 - Recording a smaller filesize than the ATOMOS NINJA can do

41:56 - Want to know more about the Mt. Rushmore event with Dave Knode

47:13 - Headphone extension cable with threaded 3.5mm for secure connection

55:19 - go to virtual cam app

56:03 - Is it bad to leave batteries charging when 100% charged

57:24 - Guy's Interrotron experiment

58:05 - Viability for New Blue

59:39 - BNC/SDI crimping tools

1:00:00 - Greg Curda Audio discussion


Office Hours -200720 - Focus on VFX

Office Hours for July 20, 2020 - Office Hours 118


00:00 - Intro

5:02 - Can Bill Davis explain his new setup

8:07 - What are the goto brands for PTZ cameras

19:04 - Zoom forums on a budget

22:39 - Zoom for Government meetings

25:07 - How do you choose to calibrate an audio system

32:05 - How important is in-body #stabilization (Sony a6500 has it)

34:50 - What don't you like about Slido as a chat and question area 

36:13 -  @NewTek NDI|HX on iPhone is getting cropped at the bottom

39:40 - Selecting background scene colors for skin tone

43:18 - 720p resolution for a zoom attendee

49:06 - Streaming gear for non-pros

50:17 - PTZ Thermal cameras

50:36 - Goto solution to transport PTZ contol

53:04 - @GoPro that can stream without capture

54:06 - Alex's new pop-up background

56:12 - When do you use @Skype over Zoom

58:14 - Can you give names on poetry Alex recites

59:14 - Is the NDI app free

59:20 - Using a DI as an interface

1:02:34 - Focus on VFX


Office Hours - 200717 - Focus on Education

Office Hours for July 17, 2020 - Office Hours 115


00:00 - Intro

3:40 - Brian Bavido asks about creating Green Rooms (preparation areas)

12:05 - BMD Cinema 12K camera thoughts

24:30 - Principles of lighting on a small budget

27:18 - Thoughts on TV programming in larger of 1080i

35:20 - Do software switchers have Aux out?

37:00 - Suggestions for Pocket Cinema 4K accessories

40:26 - Color Wheels, Davinci has 4, ATEM has 3. Why? 

41:52 - Monitor recommendations cheap to expensive

46:40 - eGPU on Mac Mini

48:33 - Amazon Interactive Video thoughts

51:35 - Catalina , when to upgrade?

53:44 - Experience with Jabra Penticast

54:15 - Recommendations for Gimbals with 4:3 camera and BMD CC4K


Live Logging in the Field with Amber MacArthur

Office Hours for July 16, 2020 - Office Hours 114


00:00 - Intro

6:20 - Alex asked what we expect Blackmagic Design Camera event

9:55 - Alex also asks a question on upcoming Q&A app

12:14 - Determine color temperature in a scenes

16:50 - Teachers prep for online teaching

26:50 - Virtual Concert - Should we try to stream to @YouTube  or Facebook

31:10 - @Amazon Web Services info - Interactive Video Service

33:06 - Green Extreme T100 or 200 and USB mic

35:50 - An example of a good PowerPoint for video

41:30 - Improve camera in streaming

44:45 - Best options to bring in a video call to OBS

45:45 - Platform the ASU Remote conference was using

46:40 - VESA mount a IMac Pro and screen to height adjustable desk 

48:05 - Pyle mic consensus

51:00 - One thing you like the least of live streaming

51:45 - Microphone Arms - need a small one

53:10 - Cheat sheet for the new Q&A system

54:12 - Alternative to SOX for normalization of audio

55:15 - NDI on Skype causing issues

57:15 - Using a DSLR for streaming 

58:10 - Are Pyle mixers decent quality

1:00:00 - Live Logging in the Field with @Amber Mac -

2:00:00 - Mimo Live @Boinx Software 


Intro to Focus Pulling with Chris Summers

Office Hours for July 15, 2020 - Office Hours 113


00:00 - Intro

5:30 - Thoughts on the Blackmagic Camera Event tomorrow

11:25 - Can I export a lower 3rd as 444 for ATEM or ECamm Live?

Alex also explains 4:4:4 vs. 4:2:2 - perceived resolution

18:45 - Advantages and Disadvantages between the BMD C 4k and 6k

23:22 - @NewTek NDI vs HDMI with CAT extenders

26:09 - Is 50 feet a realistic maximum HDMI length? 

28:16 - Where to adjust audio sync - ATEM or OBS

29:38 - More on 4:4:4 vs 4:2:2

32:02 - How can a Marketing Pro be Benefitial to Office Hours?

32:52 - Invite Grant Petty to talk BMD News (vMix as well)

35:18 - Why does the production world need 16k

41:55 - Using Bluetooth foot Pedal in OBS

42:52 - Bringing more Diversity into the Panel

44:25 - Options for a remote telestrator

47:30 - When are you doing a Drone Hour

48:33 - Green screen need

50:28 - Difference between 3.4 aperture lens with 1 inch sensor, and smaller sensors with 1.8 aperture

52:07 - Info on Q&A Tool

53:42 - Desktop speaker setups

55:30 - Closed Captioning Solutions

56:54 - Using a Wrap-around on back of chair device

57:49 - InstaOne 360 lighting issues

58:10 - Closed captioning videos real-time

1:01:11 - Chris Summers gives us an intro to focus pulling and the role of the 1st Assistant Camera


Focus on Audio with Jimmy Sieczka

Office Hours for July 14, 2020 - Office Hours 112


00:00 - Intro

7:52 - Rode VideoMic GO Lightweight on-camera microphone thoughts

11:11 - What would you tell a stranger what you do

11:45 - Software that records and transcribes

15:43 - Corporate type interview work lav mics

19:11 - What does a A/V Desk Look like post-COVID

25:58 - Chart of the names of connectors for adapter conversion

27:47 - Should we invest in IT Education

30:08 - Scheduling clients for rehersal

41:27 - What does 'crunching' (over modulation) sound like in audio

42:20 - Chat module like 'Slido"

43:08 - Dealing with green fringe (chromakey), what do you look at first

47:08 - Best round-trip workflow in Premiere to Logic

48:58 - Business Strategies or Marketing Subject on Office Hours

49:55 - USB MIDI memory error issues

50:35 - Newtek Virtual Input buffer

51:40 - Shooting inside a Jet, want to remove cabin noise

54:47 - Pros/Cons of H.266

56:01 - Gear recommendations

1:04:20 - Focus on VFX


Ad-Hoc Zoom, Canon VIXIA, Home Routers

Office Hours for July 13, 2020 - Office Hours 113


00:00 - Intro

6:05 - Mounting Home Routers

7:46 - Insights into Doug Ferguson's Event Sunday

13:08 - Disposal of equipment

18:11 - Zoom for Ad-hoc comms solution

19:23 - Devices to send lower Thirds via ATEM Mini

23:55 - Saving video archives

28:16 - Zeiss Virtual Event 

33:55 - input devices that is useful

36:23 - Best way to access a M.2 hard drive a crashed computer

37:44 - Monitor my mic locally on MixPre

38:55 - Bringing in someone new for production

45:35 - Vintage T-Shirts stores

46:20 - Canon Vixia setup

48:38 - NDI Cam for Android

50:16 - DIY Teleprompter ghost image

51:23 - Software Doug is using to make DVDs

52:10 - Gaming mouse with programmable buttons for video production

52:43 - for live. Another app or software?

54:35 - NBA POV options

56:14 - Getting the iPhone Video

57:58 - Thoughts on MmmHmm Compositing

59:37 - Auto mix plugin for vMix or not

1:00:00 - Focus on VFX Second Hour


Physical Event vs. Virtual Event - How Do We Make it Better?

Office Hours for July 6, 2020 - Office Hours 105


00:00 - Intro

5:50 - Safety procedures on post-COVID crew events

11:55 - Automotive tools to sync audio/video

13:11 - Best place in the chain to monitor sync issues

17:47 - Common ways to stream output of Unreal Engine to Zoom

19:10 - Tutorials for NewBlueFX into Wirecast

21:12 - Problem in Video production workflow for dropped frames

23:20 - Explain Rec 709 vs 601

24:16 - Office Hours Code of Conduct in Discord?

31:11 - Remote audio mixer for a home mail machine

35:25 - Most likely method used for getting camera feeds on rocket launches

38:20 - Preferred RF radios

42:13 - How to replace the physical event model with a virtual version

51:44 - Easy way to overlay HTML page as an overlay

52:13 - Hardware encoding question

53:03 - Different brand cameras into ATEM mini

53:34 - Starlink for streaming

54:20 - nsight into the H.265/VVC codec 

55:11 - Rushworks PTX Universal camera PT

56:00 - Cost effective image stabilizer for iPhone


Gorilla Techniques for Lighting, 3D in Movies, Keeping the Studio Cool and Quiet

Office Hours for July 3, 2020 - Office Hours 102


00:00 - Intro

5:13 - Gorilla Techniques for lighting without a light meter

8:04 - Pre-amp for a Heil PR40 connected to ATEM Mini into Macbook 2013

10:00 - Best way to handle Metadata

14:47 - Suggestions for microphone and gear for outside

20:48 - Tips on taking care of your voice

23:49 - CPU usage on Mimo live on a Macbook

29:35 - 2nd hour on Scopes

30:45 - What is ping, and how can I reduce it?

33:56 - Newer Apple TV with Sienna NDI app for deployment

35:10 - Drive in movie screen suggestions

38:10 - 4k content Media closet to Fireplace TV. Gear?

40:00 - Pay rates on the Hamilton production

41:38 - Dual input RTMP solution for redundancy

43:10 - Tool on Mac that gathers windows on multiple monitors into one

43:55 - Is 3D in movies dead?

48:38 - How are you using a video hub to ATEM

51:12 - Best way to get started with live streaming as a developer

51:40 - Is there an audio to IP box to pick up atmosphere

54:19 - Outside of constellation, what other routers might you recommend

56:27 - Who uses Mac, PC

59:00 - Air solutions in the studio without noise


Suggestions for Studio Setup, Whiteboard Platforms, GoPro Streaming

Office Hours for July 2, 2020 - Office Hours 101


00:00 - Intro

5:09 - Is Alex on WiFi

7:20 - Building a video studio scratch

15:09 - IP cameras on the internet, which ones have lowest latency RTSP, NDI, SRT, UDP

16:42 - Suggestions for whiteboard platforms

19:44 - Noise deadening materials

25:55 - Using Blackmagic Intensity Shuttle USB to Mac

28:25 - Expected life with Discord Office Hours

29:50 - Mac temperature issue

31:21 - Places to read reviews of equipment

34:24 - Tip for FCP hardware controller

36:45 - Talking head video, dynamic or condenser mic

38:28 - Experience with using Epoccam Kinoni

40:04 - Ideas on the camera WWDC used

42:15 - Gear to build a grid

44:05 - Using a plugin for Zoom, would you use it?

48:16 - Samson DE10x  - Why an omnidirectional headset microphone?

49:41 - Macbook Pro with 5500M, What should I upgrade? 

50:26 - No name USB 3 capture cards

52:10 - Eternal lens wishlist for any phone camera

52:50 - Using a GoPro for streaming suggestions

53:50 - NDI viewer for Android

54:35 - MFT glass for Blackmagic cameras

55:39 - P2P service for corporate streaming with quick install

57:22 - Adjust distortion in post when using the .5 angle on iphone


The 100th Office Hours, cable testers, MIDI and OSC tutorials

Office Hours for July 1, 2020 - Office Hours #100


00:00 - Intro

6:40 - SDI and HDMI cable testers

9:05 - Webinar platform for 25K, customizable, and Infosec for government

12:07 - Microsoft Stream as a paid service

13:21 - Recommendations on headphones HD280 or MixFi studio

13:57 - Best place to learn Unreal Engine

16:19 - Can I control a camera using a converter into the ATEM Mini

17:39 - Seting up simple live stream monitoring for stats monitoring

18:42 - List of abbreviations used by professionals

21:36 - Best super-budget USB Microphone for Podcasting

23:00 - Good 1-on-1 tutorial on MIDI and OSC

26:22 - Enable CC for next Office Hours

28:12 - WLM Meter on sale - should I buy

29:20 - live stream to multiple platforms along with Horizontal and vertical versions

33:03 - Software to use to post-produce multiple formats

37:04 - Archival system for video projects (for Chris Fenwick)

40:11 - What does WLM do? Is it stand-alone? 

40:50 - More info on audio/video latency fixing

43:50 - LiveU800 with 4 camera mux

45:44 - Adobe Bridge to help with video assets as a DAM/MAM

47:17 - Useful IT things (network) you might buy if you have a $5K budget

50:33 - Speakers on motion capture

51:10 - ATEM mini rebooted my computer

52:20 - What are the top 5 things you've learned Office Hours

55:58 - Hyperdecks and ROI converters have reference inputs. What are they?


Throughput of RTMP, Digitization, Leveling a Live Mix

Office Hours for June 30, 2020


00:00 - Intro

4:51 - Results of putting vMix in AWS

7:18 - Blue Yeti caused audio dropouts in Zoom

9:55 - Building a studio online book

10:30 - Best camera for 1080p Close up quality

15:24 - Leveling tool for live mix

17:52 - Service for double ended recording of audio/video (like Zencaster)

19:50 - Canon Beta software in US, any workarounds outside

21:09 - Combination of avatars with reactions in VR

25:45 - Capturing using Digitization

27:36 - Trick a camera to not power off

30:10 - Tips for improving throughput to RTMP

35:03 - Slides in a Zoom webinar in Mimo Live - Minimizing presentation

41:10 - Nimble Streamer

42:10 - More info on NDI Tools

43:34 - Excellent teacher created videos on on YouTube

45:00 - Is a Blackmagic web presenter and Teranex Mini better than ATEM Mini

46:38 - What levels do you want to have in audio for digital recording

53:35 - Enable stereo in Zoom

57:10 - Recording Zoom sessions either side of the audio


NAS SMR, Microphone Booms, Ethernet vs. WiFi

Office Hours for June 29, 2020


00:00 - Intro

7:20 - Ethernet vs WiFi - Does Fast Internet like FIOS change issues

13:20 - How do I know if my video is good enough to join Office Hours

14:56 - Recommendations for bonded cellular (DATA use, not Video).

18:48 - What are the panelists favorite desktop mute switches

21:00 - Setup of MixPre 6 ii into ATEM

24:30 - Back color lighting on backgrounds

26:17 - What is the hierarchy of the production world

32:21 - Platform that is good for engagement

36:08 - Upgrade one thing on voiceover for Camtasia

38:34 - QNAP TS-1635, why is showing wrong capacity. Why?

39:54 - HyperDeck Studio Mini fan is loud

43:45 - Other types of vetted apps for engagement

45:16 - Sending video across the Internet - Mail a hard drive

47:15 - VST3 with vMix causing crashes

49:30 - Microphone Booms 

52:27 - 8 Channel mixer with faders, auxes and USB connectivity

54:25 - Messaging Apps other than Discord

56:00 - Above the line, Below the line: What does that mean?

56:50 - Shingled Magnetic Recording Hard drives for NAS

58:39 - Sling Studio thoughts


Hardware Encoder, Amazon Cloudfront, Noise Assist

Office Hours for June 25, 2020


00:00 - Intro

4:00 - How did yesterday go with Chris as the co-host?

6:15 - Zoom, can you get a separate view for speaker

9:07 - Hardware encoder with RTMP/SRT/H.264/H.265

19:45 - iPhone HDMI out doesn't not work on ATEM. How to fix

21:08 - Quick fix for eyeglass reflection on Teleprompter

22:20 - Is there an open source cloud vision mixer

23:06 - How is the audio meter (Waves) we use calibrated

28:32 - Anyone set up a ATEM Mini in a vMix call as participant

31:26 - Best way to playback pre-recorded video through Zoom without stutter

35:27 - Anyone configured a High-spec DIY vMix PC

36:35 - How should I spend my money to build a small stage for students

45:25 - Pros and Cons of using Amazon Cloudfront service

48:00 - Is there a multitrack video recorder

50:10 - How about a 2nd hour on integrating Zoom into vMix

50:47 - Networking permissions on Macbook Pro for streaming at a school

52:15 - When picking remote control solution, do you use web browser or native apps?

53:19 - Using Sound Devices noise assist in the field

58:07 - Metashape difficulty, and advise


Raspberry Pi in Production, WWDC Video Thoughts, PTZ Turrets

Office Hours for June 23, 2020


00:00 - Intro

4:31 - What can we learn about the stage craft of WWDC

13:55 - Solution for a NAS strategy

15:20 - Do you wait for a Mac, after the announcement

22:30 - Resources for a rookies guide for ATEM Mini Pro

24:15 - Microphone not being seen on Zoom issue

25:40 - Is Tim Cook's Audio too clean

26:40 - Remote controlled camera and mixer would you use for church service

30:45 - What does Tucker use to do audio monitoring

31:40 - Is Sienna VT easier to setup than using SRT

33:25 - Any recommended PTZ turrets and heads without camera

36:13 - TAC-12 should I buy a tester 

39:20 - - is this way to expand Office Hours

41:00 - Could Apple have used Unreal Engine during WWDC

43:45 - Recoding in streamflow problems

44:10 - Timecode in vMix: What are you using?

46:06 - Best audio in Zoom call - Natural room sound?

49:09 - Would you recommend the YOLOBox for live streaming

49:45 - Should I get the developer Mac Mini

53:50 - Selling videos to clients with a website. How can I keep them sharing video

56:40 - Raspberry Pi as a production workflow device


WWDC Thoughts, Benefits of a VPN, ISO Recording

Office Hours for June 22, 2020


00:00 - Intro

3:56 - Home Kits purchase - what is most important to get first

8:45 - Hopes and Fears for WWDC

13:39 - Recommended KVM across multiple control rooms

16:02 - Device to livestream a WiFi-free area

21:21 - Benefits of using a VPN

25:40 - Safeguards with ISP for home service (including modem purchases)

28:33 - Insight into how Apple manages their Keynotes (with translation)

32:17 - Talk about Empire at 40 - how that was set up

36:38 - Single Webcam ring light that is managed on Mac

40:46 - Third party Q&A tool 

41:19 - Streaming using a CDN, do you use a embed landing page

43:23 - Hum in the mixer why?

46:55 - Terradeck live air or LiveU Solo cam, who has used it

47:19 - Live stream PC build

48:16 - Prompterpeople 60-40 teleprompters

49:15 - Hyperdeck studio mini thoughts

50:15 - Linux Live stream 

51:22 - Use older Kindle Fire in Livestream setup

52:00 - Workflow of Office Hours Zoom 

53:44 - How to connect the Wacom Cintiq tablet to the video switcher

54:30 - Autofocus on streaming cameras

55:40 - Record ISO in Wirecast

56:55 - Separate comm channel for a zoom meeting

57:10 - Captioning software, and caption 2nd hour training

58:17 - Timecode for vMix

58:35 - headsets for the crew - what to get

59:20 - Advantage for bringing in vMix callers into separate computers


Switches, non-verbal communication, RAW Video Transfer

Office Hours for June 18, 2020


00:00 - Intro

5:45 - A good summary of Office Hours

7:33 - How do rock concerts set up mics to deal with massive sound environment

9:45 - Is there a way to zoom in a C920 camera (for a Zoom meeting)

12:15 - Ethernet over AC power pros and cons

13:51 - When is an event big enough to start utilizing a switch?

18:25 - Anyone using PCie capture card low cost

20:15 - Wireless mic latency - what's an acceptable level? 

21:50 - What audio/video pet peeve do you have to make others lives easier

26:14 - Will any USB mic show up in Wirecast or MimoLive 

27:12 - What's the best way to give feedback for this show

28:20 - Time-code generator, would you use instead of audio sync

30:30 - Has anyone written up a DYI ATEM mini computer build

33:38 - Best way to bring a musician into Facebook via phone without noise suppression

37:04 - Implement remote camera use for interactive tours

41:14 - Non verbal communication, are there standard signals people know across the board

44:25 - Whats the easiest way to collect crowd-sourcing videos

46:33 - How do you deal with clients when you know video is a bad idea

49:05 - inject power into USB-C through display-port to save cable runs

50:10 - Cable modem suggestions

53:30 - Green screen lighting and layout in limited space

55:04 - Closed Captions for Office Hours

55:21 - Control ATEM Mini with iPad over WiFi

56:22 - Best way to transfer RAW video that is remote. Physical drives?

59:08 - Unreal engine virtual set. Cheaper than Avid Maestro Virtual Set


Wi-Fi Routers, VR sickness, USB Mic Filters

Office Hours for June 18, 2020


00:00 - Intro

5:00 - How do you add filters to a USB mic to Zoom for Mac and Windows 

6:00 - One ear or two for monitoring headphones

7:00 - Remote audio sports commentary for live TV. Should I use AWS accelerator? 

9:30 - Where is the best place to clip a Lavalier

13:10 - Best way to handle video queued up for a theater

15:25 - Bluejeans in videos for Fortune 500 company

16:55 - Best way to keep people talking over others

19:00 - Rode Video Mic shotgun, problems using with Filmic Pro. Need a battery powered preamp

20:10 - Cisco Webex with multiple viewers, playing YouTube and .MP4 files. 

23:10 - Backup plans for if Wifi is not working

25:10 - Have online audiences changed over time?

27:10 - How can I set my Windows 10 to identify all devices

28:10 - Portable audio mixers for live streaming

30:10 - tips for avoiding Quicktime recording freezes and errors

31:30 - Industry conferences, what do you think of the accessability?

36:10 - How can film shooters replay shots 

38:00 - Anything found more info on Dimming the ATEM Mini

38:50 - Recommendations for Wifi Routers for streaming

39:55 - How do you mic a classroom

42:40 - Portable Wifi Routers 

44:30 - Live Zoominar embed in a website

46:20 - VR sickness

48:40 - Low latency modes in mixer streams

52:00 - Zoom to Facebook, how do you get stats after the event

54:10 - When can we expect new episodes of the teardown

56:40 - Wirecast vs vMix preferences


Carnet for International Travel, Moving Cases, BMD 6K Cameras

Office Hours for June 17, 2020


00:00 - Intro

5:46 - Is there a way to connect OBS into Zoom

8:38 - Presentation tips on Zoom (rather than in-person presentation)

14:45 - What system do you recommmend for Q&A engagement (like Zoom)

15:33 - Shading cameras with Davinci using a BMD 6K

16:45 - Wireless access point do you recommend

20:23 - Do you a way to have fallback image when RTMP goes out

23:00 - Ideas for taking a B&W photo and have it come to life

25:38 - Sony RXO Mark 2 Cybershot and CCB WD-1 camera control box as remote controlled Zoom operation

28:15 - Using Royalty free music in commercial streams

33:48 - Moving gear, and wants cases, and shipping options with load-in/out

37:34 - Recommendations for best point to point bi-directional video CDN

42:37 - Recommendations for iOS audio recording with manual audio levels

44:32 - Sending kits to clients, is Powerline networking an alternative

45:21 - regional caching going on in Zoom conferences (cable modem issues)

49:59 - Audio hardware to recommend for YouTube livestream to clean up single user camera setup

54:41 - What's a Carnet and how do you manage it?

58:30 - Best starting lens for a BMD 6K


MixPre 3, Feedback Solutions, Microphone Suggestions

Office Hours for June 16, 2020


00:00 - Intro

5:06 - What do you use Streamcam for, and would you use for events?

8:44 - A good NDI video hardware switcher?

9:25 - Differences between the MixPre 3 and USB Pre 2

13:57 - What is the best way to video AR experience a 3rd person

15:48 - Suggestions on feedback when using speakers and a microphone

23:15 - What's the best studio software on Macbook Air using Samsung s20 as a webcam

25:23 - What do you think sports broadcasting is like post

30:44 - fabric chromakey for a background key with a subject 10-12 inches away

34:44 - mic suggestions for general purpose use

37:12 - Compare Brio and Streamcam

38:12 - What steps do you take for clean audio remote callers

41:55 - Recommendations for inexpensive fluid head tripod

47:05 - Replacing the Rode Lav Plus clipon for cheap

49:03 - Best combination of settings in Zoom to reduce room noise

50:25 - online tool to hear latency to the micro-second

51:58 - Will a MixPre 3 II work well with 2015 Macbook with 32-bit float

53:23 - Recommendations on head-worn ear pieces

54:52 - Stream OBS into Zoom. Audio won't work. Windows and Mac.

55:35 - Slating for Identifying, what are good practices?

56:56 - Thoughts on BirdDog NDI system 


Firewire to SDI, Headset Microphones, Netflix Style Services

Office Hours for June 12, 2020


00:00 - Intro

5:26 - Network bogged down, and wants a good monitoring tool 

12:12 - Affordable OTT network solution for a low-budget Netflix style service

15:32 - Video podcast on iPad. What hardware/software should I use? 

22:20 - 4066 and 4166 mics: What boom did you use?

25:57 - What mics are you using?

27:20 - Can a long cable (rolled up) cause noise in the signal

34:20 - What is on Alex' teleprompter

35:43 - cheaper than Egato CamLink 4k

38:00 - DAW recommendations for students learning radio production

39:25 - How does the Ursa Broadcast handle in low-light stage with a long throw

45:16 - Looking for a solution to connect Windows 10 to Mac remotely for video editing

49:22 - Good budget headset mic

52:05 - Dynamic mic to PC, what's a good preamp

54:41 - KVM Recommendation for mac in 2 rooms

55:09 - Chrlie Rose Set design

57:01 - Inexpensive test generators

57:27 - Stream that shuts off access. 

59:36 - Firewire to SDI


Simultaneous Streaming, Studio Cages, iPad Apps

Office Hours for June 11, 2020


00:00 - Intro

6:00 - Shipping one light to a remote presenter

11:35 - Davinci Resolve: What are the three main things to learn as a beginner

13:50 - How important do you think it is to learn software on both Mac and PC

18:33 - What dedicated hardware encoder would you recommend in the mid-range price

21:40 - Will MixPre3 add improvement over the Focusrite Scarlett Solo

24:28 - Cell phones for cameras image is reversed. Why does this happen, and how to correct

27:55 - CGI software with NDI output for live broadcast, low cost.

30:53 - Suggestions for the $100 portable audio recorder

35:12 - Thoughts on Blackmagic ATEM production 4k Hyperdeck Studio Pro vs Videohub.

38:44 - Should a lighting / equipment cage be built with an electrical conduit or black pipe?

43:47 - Can you play streaming music to other countries if you have licenses in the US

47:24 - Any suggestions for 24/7 playout with schedule

48:00 - How can I do an audio stream only

49:36 - What is best run of show software

51:25 - Replacement for Levelator

52:35 - Are there any issues when setting up a Berhinger SD8 Stage Box

53:40 - Options for Simultaneous Streaming to 2 YouTube sources

56:52 - Have you had experience with Marantz Pro Turret

57:56 - Shot designer on iPad - other iPad apps I should know about?


How to Test Gear, Chromakey, Prosumer camcorders

Office Hours for June 10, 2020


00:00 - Intro

5:36 - Top pick for easy to deploy camera

11:42 - Cable news anchors using Zoom see delays. Why is that?

16:00 - Would like cinema related discussions on the show

19:57 - Recommendations for pro-sumer camcorder

24:15 - Best way to label a BNC or XLR cable after it's been terminated

26:58 - Getting my ATEM Mini Pro, is there a good tutorial out there

29:30 - What would be the perfect features for video production in a Mac

34:57 - What does it mean when someone is "Testing" a piece of gear or software

41:00 - Preference of Screen capture: Final Cut Pro, Premiere Pro, AVID, and Screenflow

42:18 - Best ways to match yourself to a chromakey

43:34 - During mic check, attendees can't see the meter screen. 

44:05 - Need to connect Firewire 800 to Drobo on my Mac. 

45:05 - Shureplus Motiv App alternatives

46:07 - What are the right lenses for the Micro Studio for remote control

48:44 - Has anyone come across a that explains user routing setup on a Beringer X32 Rack v. 4.01

50:08 - Diversity in hiring help

51:30 - App recommendations for manual camera control (iOS and Android)

52:23 - Second laptop, can I control and multiview another room. 

53:30 - How to get 720p Zoom

55:10 - Biggest piece of gear you had to change out after show was setup

57:10 - can you use a joystick with a Television Studio 4k

57:49 - Which sound devices mixer should you buy for a first timer

58:35 - Minimum distance between subject and green screen.


Networks and NDI, Improve your Skills, HDMI Capture Cards

Office Hours for June 9, 2020


00:00 - Intro

6:35 - Is there a good Dante audio interface that can be managed remotely

10:07 - When you buy new gear, are you solving a problem, or increasing capabilities

13:58 - Has anybody tried the Mozilla conference system

14:27 - Creating a custom return feed to remote person on Skype 

17:20 - Are there webinar services available to allow for a whitelabel service

22:35 - When MacOS moves to ARM, will a new version of OpenGL be available

26:06 - Best recommendations for FM transmitters for drive-up graduations

30:09 - What Hardware/software are you using for color calibration

32:38 - Anyone use the Brand Live service to host an event

34:17 - If you have a 1Gbps NDI source and destination, and a 10 Gbps network, does NDI work on it

37:16 - Can anyone recommend a good quality pro level audio mixer with auto atenuation up to 6 channels for live events 

41:33 - What books, classes or blogs are out there to improve skills

44:52 - How do you feel about Twitch as a live event platform

47:16 - Anyone using the Decinmator Design 12-G Cross for frame rate scaling

48:38 - Best HDMI capture card that is in stock and under $300 

50:54 - Any suggestions for a pop-up drive in movie audio

53:38 - Where is a good place to learn how to do video editing

54:29 - Using a DecLink output card, is there a way in MacOS I can output a single window via hardware feed


Secure Reliable Transport, Elgato Key Lights, Closed Captioning Best Practices

Office Hours for June 8, 2020


00:00 - Intro

6:20 - Explain some uses for SRT (secure reliable transport)

10:43 - Will Blackmagic have plans to support NDI

11:30 - Which Video conferencing services are allowing for ISO out recording

16:03 - What are you using for live streaming audio standard

17:12 - What do you use for surge protection

24:09 - Closed Captioning: Best practices

31:43 - Advise for upgrading a Dell Xeon

34:06 - How noisy are Nanlite 60 Fans

38:05 - Did you do your vMix experiment, and how did it go

38:55 - Elgato Key lights for Zoom, how are they

41:47 - Why is Zoom recording in 25fps, and how to get to 720p

42:51 - How are you using speakers instead of headphones

46:58 - Why not push client's livestream to CDN rather than AWS to CDN

50:26 - What monitor do you like for movie viewing

54:39 - Should I start learning DMX

55:00 - Can Wirecast Go be used for a virtual event where participants are using mobile devices

57:40 - Universal way to mute via hardware that is reliable


Origin of Office Hours, Mounting Arms, PicoMic Wireless

Office Hours for June 5, 2020


00:00 - Intro

5:30 - Why Alex does during mic checks

6:50 - Origin of Office Hours

13:17 - Online graduation in Zoom, want to use breakout rooms, but have the students wander between. Is it possible? 

16:00 - What is the best way to manage an audio compressor in workflow: software or hardware

19:35 - What is the arm you mention to mounting monitors

27:47 - Preferred lenses for a Blackmagic micro 4:3 base

34:56 - Suggestions for ceiling mics in a classroom

42:10 - Zoom aspect ratio - 4:3 vs 16:9. Is there a way to force one way or another

44:27 - Using a PicoMic Dual wireless kit, what are people's opinions

50:00 - Zoom H5 as a computer interface, is there software to control the interface

50:51 - What is the best way to switch between Internet connections

52:03 - Concert videography: any fixed cameras with good quality (low light)

53:45 - Suggestions for camera slider

54:44 - Integrating AWS for streaming solutions

55:36 - Any thoughts on cleanly sending a student room back to the presenter room

57:29 - What microphone are you using?


Thinking About Audio Production, Bi-Color and CRI, GPU Acceleration

Office Hours for June 4, 2020


4:27 - On a Ring Light, what does Bi-Color and CRI mean?

9:24 - Streaming a conference, recommendations for simple white label streaming provider

13:20 - What are everyone's thoughts on not encrypting free calls, and giving law enforcement access?

18:52 - What questions should I ask for a client that wants to start streaming

23:20 - Is there a remote desktop application that works with less lag than the built-in-desktop in AWS for vMix

25:07 - Which Macbook Pro to get i7 or i9?

30:52 - Where are the major film making industries in the US, and where are new emerging opportunities

36:45 - What are examples of ways to bring in viewer engagement for streaming services

43:55 - Building a new PC, looking for application for Windows that can transfer files and settings.

45:55 - When do you all think about audio? Do you have a person on site?

51:14 - LiveU, Solo SDI, or Terradeck or Vidu Go for streaming the field - pros and cons

56:10 - AJA HELO vs Matrox Monarch HDX for streaming (something under $1,500)

57:30 - How will GPU acceleration speed up a transcode XDCAM to H.264

59:17 - iGlasses for Mac OS - what is a good alternative for Windows


ATEM Fairlight, Lower 3rds, small monitors

Office Hours for June 3, 2020


5:30 - How would you get the main speaker for Zoom call onto the extra small monitor?

9:27 - Samson SE10 is not sounding good (static). What should I check before I send back?

12:10 - Affinity Photo. how can I do lower 3rds without the ATEM plugin Photoshop?

20:32 - Noticed high end missing in Zoom concerts. Anyone else notice this? 

25:00 - What's the best way to mix MixPre3 and Blackmagic Cinema 6K to a Macbook Pro 16 without ATEM mini

31:42 - How is the quality of ATEM min fairlight audio engine. Should processing happen computer, other device? 

37:00 - Should I mirror my video in Zoom or touch up appearance? 

40:45 - If you have multiple cloud storage destinations, how do you automatically sync the data? 

43:17 - ATEM Television Studio Pro 4k: XLR is broken - what could be the issue?

48:46 - Is there an alternative Blu-Ray Disc menu design program than Encore or Toast?

53:37 - Is Reaper a best alternative to Adobe Audition as I am planning to switch?

55:08 - Why won't Skype notice my Virtual cameras?

56:49 - What should we consider at an SDI capture card for vMix

58:42 - Monitor on a Windows PC, single HDMI out. How can I split for multiple monitors?


Mifi Backup, Lightweight RF Microphone, Streaming to YouTube with High Bitrates

Office Hours for June 2, 2020


5:25 - Which lens should I look at for Blackmagic Pocket 4k for Zoom Meetings

9:29 - What is the best lightweight RF microphone

14:55 - Where are we on the adoption curve of HEVC and H.265

21:35 - What's the recommended solution for Zoom push-to-talk

24:48 - Handy Hints for hardware to keep USB-C slipping out of the connector

30:07 - Wirecast cannot record ISOs or Rendezvous calls. Any workarounds

31:56 - Any good or bad experiences on the ZiCam E2 Cameras 

33:35 - How to hotkey a synced timecode to a spreadsheet using a Mac

37:10 - Streaming to YouTube with a high bitrate - is there a reason way

47:34 - Using a MiFi modem as a backup - Experiences

51:10 - MITTI vs Presenter Pro for external graphics playback

52:25 - Zoom security better as a webinar or meeting? 

56:20 - Do you any AWS architecht contacts

58:20 - Any experience with the AONI A13 webcam

59:14 - When you get asked for the cheapest service, what does it include


Video Capture, AWS Elemental, Thunderbolt 3 External Graphics Cards

Office Hours for June 1, 2020


6:15 - Video capture problems on a Mac through ATEM Mini 

10:25 - The best steps to great chromakey on an ATEM Mini 

19:55 - Is the AWS elemental link available for use, and is there downsides for dedicating use

25:38 - Is there a good resource in setting up a microphone

28:04 - Highlight some of the technology being used on the Space Station

30:55 - Has anyone used VirtualHere for USB, and how it connects to AWS

31:35 - Frame rate vs resolution on Zoom. Recommendations for best quality and frame rate for remote presentations (e.g. Medical Scans)

35:21 - Is there a preferred USB-C PCIe card for older Mac Pro

37:40 - How do you adjust your workflow a desktop (multiple monitor) to a laptop in the field

39:48 - Thoughts on building a Hackintosh with multiple GPUs for rendering?

44:03 - How to batch audio for a Mac without using Media Encoder

44:34 - What are good ways for video editors using Premiere Pro on MacOS to share content for editing? 

45:15 Suggest a solution to transmit audio over Mac screen share

49:29 - Thoughts on Thunderbolt 3 external graphics cards

51:50 - If your audio latency is too high, how do you delay your video to compensate? 

57:08 - What type of Mac should I get for video


Streaming clouds, multiview, SRT questions, Speakers vs. Headphones

Office Hours for May 29, 2020


5:00 - Recommend a reliable CDN

9:40 - How about the CNN coverage camera that was left on

12:40 - What's the difference between Wowza streaming engine and cloud

14:33 - What's a typical vocal chain mic to track with Logic Pro

23:45 - When is it OK to use speakers instead of a headset for audio output?

28:15 - How can we use a MixPre6 to give a sync to a Blackmagic Cinema 4k Timecode

33:33 - VDO 2see webcam freaks out on green screen. Is there a way to fix?

35:05 - A multiview program to ingest SRT to see and hear the audio

36:50 - what is it, and is it worth it?

41:39 - What's the best software to use to record 3 people that are not in the same room

47:05 - When using hardware encoders for live streaming, how do you troubleshoot performance, and problems?

52:05 - Updating to Mac OS 10.15.05 issues

53:37 - How do I play recorded content with an SRT file to Twitter?

57:50 - ATEM over capture cards on taking load off computer

58:30 - What are some rental houses that offer Halvision Makito encoders

59:00 - Why should you upgrade to ATEM Mini Pro


Does Alex Ever Sleep? Buying Lenses, and Lighting Tips

Office Hours for May 27, 2020


5:55 - a breakdown of Felipe Baez setup (because he's looking so good)

9:30 - What is a non-expensive backlight to highlight the top of your head

12:00 - What services and technologies are good to show remote video at a possible film festival

17:20 - Can Alex slow-walkthrough a hack that forces Zoom to screen share in full HD

20:30 - What did you think of the Mix and show flow of PBS Memorial Day Concert

29:50 - Thoughts on Vimeo Live stream Studio

31:15 - Is anyone using a Tesla Power Wall as a UPS for video?

35:50 - Thought on companies buying big video rigs in this time of COVID 

38:30 - Best color temperature for my first video

41:00 - What connectivity specs should his property have to draw professional videographers for streaming events

47:40 - Any tips on balancing key lights and natural lighting

49:50 - Buying a lens for a Blackmagic Cinema Camera 4k for Zoom - what would you choose?

56:15 - Does Alex ever sleep? 


Good Livestream Service, USB Audio, iDoTV

Office Hours for May 26, 2020


5:50 - Manycam - What is it, and how you're using it

8:18 - Need a live stream service that can stream over 80 hours of content. What's available?

- Side note on copyright and streaming

17:30 - An arm that can be mounted that can hold more weight with distance

24:30 - Best way to set up camera for good eyeline with the monitor

26:45 - with Michael and Leeland's venture:

38:40 - Recommend a USB headset with a broader frequency response 

42:15 - In MacOS, is there a way to mute audio for the entire Zoom call while leaving audio active for other applications

45:05 - Squadcast has a 4 person limit, and Zencaster has a drift issue. Is there a software or hardware rolution to record audio 5 people remotely?

47:50 - Is there a way to get NDI in/out of ManyCam?

48:50 - Can I get the ATEM Mini Pro to stream multiple services?

- Side note on future topic using AWS for Live streaming 

50:10 - How did you get Internet feed for the iDoTV wedding?

51:50 - Recommend a small-format PTZ camera that works well in low-light

56:35 - Alex's Telestrater

59:20 - Should I get a Focus target, and if so, which one? 


Best Lighting Practices, Communicating with A1

May 25, 2020.


7:15 - Best Lighting Practices for Video Calls

14:24 - Can you recommend a ring light

14:50 - Tips for removing computer fan room noise

19:53 - How do I setup YouTube streaming in Zoom without giving permission to Zoom?

25:00 - Panasonic G7 that does video at 1080p. but the wrapper is MP4. Should I just use AVCHD

32:00 - When a show goes off the rails, how do you refocus the show?

41:05 - For large live event audio, do you use sidechained gates on VC output?

48:05 - Where can you see Zoom stream speed?

49:03 - How do you communicate with an A1 at the same time when they are mixing a show?