Jonathan Brimer

As a design firm started in 1984, BeOriginal has always been interested in new tools to help further our design capabilities. Our goal has always been to provide our clients with creative and insightful solutions to design problems. To do so we have consistently found the need to find and implement new tools. A few tools we found very useful early on, when we we were transferring from analog to a digital delivery pipeline were those created by Logitech.



That's why we are so please now to provide Logitech with an Award winning design for their new MX Master 3 series of products developed specifically for the creative industry. The Logitech Challenge was issued on Dribbble (a international social network platform for digital designers and creators). The terms of the contest were: "We’re calling on creatives to design their own MX ident in any style imaginable. Still or motion, 2D or 3D—just riff off the same MX letterform." Our winning submission was created in blender 3-D, a neon pink wireframe animated design.

Logitech has produced many great tools over the years, and now we can't wait to get our hands on the MX Master Series. Keep up the good work so we can keep providing our clients with the best creative services possable.


"I can't beleive I was only 14 when I first started using Logitech product" stated our senior designer for 3D and motion graphics, Jonathan Brimer.